Concerning Trump’s Ukraine scandal, former Ambassador to Russia, Michael McFaul’s October third comment, is insightful. “Why did no one say ‘Mr. President, this is wrong’?” Few enough, it seems.

Haven’t Trump Administration officials known a bus is always available? What makes anyone think they’re exempt from being thrown under?

He’s blamed loyalists VP Pence and AG Barr and now, soon- to-be ex-Energy Secretary Perry,, for the phone call. Among others, Trump’s previous fixer-lawyer, Michael Cohen, is in prison!

My retired career prosecutor’s advice is “FIBO. Lawyer-up and be the First Into (the grand jury with the most reliable information and get the) Best (deal coming) Out!” – First In, Best Out!

Let two things echo in any recalcitrant brains: 1) FIBO or 2) The sound of another bus sending complicit compadres to prison with iron doors clanking behind.

Think about it. There’s no door number 3, Monty!

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