Luis Rosas

Luis Rosas

Attorney General Bill Barr’s hand-picked prosecutor to investigate Trump’s claims the FBI was investigating him, said “there was no evidence any intel agency targeted Trump.”

And the FBI has said there was an investigation back in 2016 of Russian interference in the Trump campaign in favor of Trump, and against Hillary Clinton.

But a local columnist ignores these facts from the Justice Department’s hand-picked investigator assigned by Trump’s own Attorney General Bill “The Fixer” Barr.

Mr. local columnist is fishing in the babbling brook, and coming up with fishy stories by babbling Republican fish, who have poisoned the creek.

You have heard fish stories about the one that got away? It was this big! They say. And Republican member in the U.S. House, Texan Louie Gohmert is telling whoppers saying the impeachment hearings about the big fish in the Oval Office are just the Democrats trying to land a big one. But it looks like the big one will not get away this time because the House Democrats are using a net and they are catching a lot of babbling fish that are willing to ignore dictates from the White House to testify in Congress.

One of them, Lev Parnas, a Ukrainian and a partner in political mischief with Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani, who introduced Parnas to Trump, is ready to spill the beans about Trump’s and Giuliani’s fishing expedition in Ukraine using congressionally assigned taxpayer money for bait.

Another Trump henchman Gordon Sundland, who donated large sums of money to Trump’s 2016 campaign, was made Trump’s ambassador to Europe and, at the urging from Giuliani, Sundland showed up in Ukraine and fired the then ambassador to Ukraine Ms. Yovanovitch, for not playing along with Trump’s plot in Ukraine against the Bidens.

Sundland at first was reluctant to spill the beans against Trump’s failed plot in Ukraine, but later changed his mind, and sang like a tweety bird in front of the House Intelligence Committee, saying, “There was plenty of quid pro quo, everybody was in the loop.”

The House Democrats are determined to impeach Trump, but the Republicans are crying foul, and determined in the Senate to save their king in the Oval Office. And for all the bragging both Trump and his supporters do about “the good economy,” a recent poll says 52 percent of the voters want good jobs and better wages.

And the evil big fish in the Oval Office is underwater in the battleground states where he belongs.

One story that came out of Mr. Big Fish’s recent trip to London, is that the prime ministers of Europe were caught on video laughing, making fun of Trump.

One recent poll has 68 percent of the voters saying they are worse off or the same since Trump took office.

The political divide in this country is much worse with the Trump presidency than it’s ever been, and it’s also become an economic divide: The New York Times Tom Edsall put it this way: Red and blue voters live in different economies.

And I say both the red and blue economies have their share of the tightwads unwilling to pay the workers a livable wage.

But in recent years, the blue states expanded Medicaid and greatly reduced the number of uninsured, while most red states didn’t.

The San Antonio Express-News in an article by Paul Krugman says that obesity rates are higher in the red states than the blue states.

That sounds to me like gluttony abounds in the red states, while the blue states don’t have enough to eat. You know, I see a lot of chubbiness in Buzzard, and Texas is a red state. Texas needs to become blue so we can get trim and slim.

It was recently reported that an astonishing 150,000 Americans died from drug or alcohol abuse in 2017, more than combat deaths in World War I, Korea and Vietnam together; but our sap-sucking politicians never tell us about these things. They only tell us what they think we like to hear.

The evidence suggests they say, that the increased death rate from drug, alcohol and suicide is mostly among people with low education and income levels. And I add that the increase in technology is adding to the people’s anger and financial strains.

I remember growing up, people owned their homes, and some put up gardens and raised chickens. But even that went away. Health reasons? Pooh. What’s healthier than eating three squares a day?

I remember a family who kept a milk cow, they would put the cow in a pasture, and bring it in during the evening and milk it.

And they and the neighborhood stayed pretty healthy.

Luis Rosas is a local columnist whose contribution appears in the Del Rio News-Herald every Tuesday.

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Whoa, I'm starting to think you are losing it and I suspect it's because things aren't turning out like you thought. All this talk about fishing and cow's milk? What are you talking about?

In fact, what you and the democrats were trying to sell to constituents has turned out to be a big crook of lies. And the Fake News continues to refuse to report the facts like on the FISA warrant abuse that started this whole dang thing. Hopefully your readers saw the reporting yesterday in the Wall Street Journal which rebuked the FBI for their part ....

Our media friends want to ignore the FBI’s abuse of power in seeking secret warrants to spy on Carter Page, but the country deserves a thorough accounting and clean up. One step in the right direction arrived Tuesday when a clearly outraged head of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court told the government to shape up and fast.

In a blistering order that she made public, presiding FISC Judge Rosemary Collyer responded to last week’s Inspector General report on the FBI’s dishonest applications. She notes that the FBI appears before her court without a competing pleader, and that the government thus “has a heightened duty of candor to the [FISC] in ex parte proceedings.”

She adds that the IG report found “troubling instances in which FBI personnel provided information” to the court “which was unsupported or contradicted by information in their possession.” FBI officials also hid information from the court that was detrimental to their claim of probable cause that Mr. Page was an “agent of a foreign power.”

Judge Collyer’s order demands that the government, no later than Jan. 10, inform the court “in a sworn written submission” what it has done and plans to do to make sure future FISA warrant applications aren’t tainted. This is useful and is the first public evidence we’ve had that the FISA judges believe they were deceived.

Yet it also underscores how the FISA process dilutes political accountability. The FBI has tried to say its applications were kosher because a court approved them, while the court now fingers the FBI for deception. But so far no individuals have been held accountable, and the abuses would never have been discovered without the digging of former House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes.

Congress created FISA in the late 1970s to protect against previous FBI wiretap abuses. Clearly it hasn’t worked, and more bureaucratic hurdles won’t stop FBI officials who lie or alter email evidence. Injecting judges into secret executive-branch national security decisions was always a mistake, and now we know it abets abuse more than prevents it. Ummm. Looks like the Impeachment is one big scam, just as we all thought. #Trump2020

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