Maria “Mari” Acosta

Maria “Mari” Acosta has been appointed by the city council as the new Del Rio city secretary.

New Del Rio City Secretary Maria “Mari” Acosta said customer service will be her priority.

Acosta, who was appointed by the Del Rio City Council during its June 25 meeting, comes to the city from the Val Verde Regional Medical Center, where she served as executive assistant to the chief executive officer since 2009.

Acosta, a native of Ciudad Acuña, Coah., Mexico, attended elementary schools in California and returned to Del Rio when she was 14. She is a 1988 graduate of Del Rio High School.

“I’ve always been very customer service-oriented. I like to work with people and watch how they interact. I learn from the good and from the bad,” Acosta said.

She attributed her focus on customer service to a job she landed at the Del Rio National Bank, now Compass Bank, through the high school’s co-op program when she was 16.

“I started off as their loan officer teller and grew into being their customer service supervisor,” she said.

Acosta went to work for Val Verde Regional Medical Center in 1998 as human resources coordinator, saying she wanted to work her way into a supervisory position, but she went back into banking in 2000, first as a customer service representative for Big Lake Bank, now Amistad Bank, and for The Bank and Trust, where she eventually became assistant vice president/executive banking service.

She held that position until 2007, then went to work for Falcon International Bank and stayed there until 2009.

When she returned to the hospital as the executive assistant to the chief executive officer at VVRMC, Acosta said, she helped support the hospital’s senior leadership team and the hospital’s board of directors.

“I managed their agendas, their board meetings, their meeting minutes and administered the elections for the hospital,” Acosta said.

She said although she enjoyed her position at the hospital, the opening of the city secretary position seemed a challenge she was ready to fulfill.

“The opportunity came up here, and I knew at the hospital, even though I loved the people I worked with; the staff is awesome, and they’re really looking to improve everything, every day, but I was at a point where I wasn’t able to go any further there,” she said.

Acosta said she is looking forward to serving the city.

“My priorities are first to make sure that everyone in my office is cross-trained. The girls that are here are already an awesome team, and I’m blessed having them as my support. I have visited with them and we all agreed that training is a top priority for them. They would also like to learn more about elections and would love for us to be more electronic, where we would be able to be more paperless, and those are details I will have to research,” Acosta said.

She said another priority will be to stay current with the city council meeting minutes.

“I know how important they are,” Acosta said.

“I want everyone to know that my door at the city will always be open. I treat everyone with respect, because I believe that is the best way to get to know people and to get things accomplished. I think the knowledge that I’ve gained working in customer service in several different fields I’ve worked in has exposed me to many members of the community, and that will help me fulfill this position,” she added.

Acosta and her husband Isaac Acosta Jr., who is self-employed, have three children. Her oldest, son Nicholas Acosta and his wife Bianca live in Midland, Texas; her daughter Adriana lives in College Station, where she graduated from Texas A& M University in May, and her youngest, Aaron, will be a freshman in high school this year.

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