Two men who pleaded guilty to participating in a riot while there was an effort to introduce contraband into the GEO correctional facility in Val Verde County, were recently convicted and sentenced in district court, records show.

Jose Nicolas Falcon, Jr. was sentenced to nine years in a Texas Department of Criminal Justice facility in the 63rd Judicial District Court presided by Judge Enrique Fernandez, while Vicente Solis-Rodriguez received five-years in the 83rd District Court presided by Judge Robert E. Cadena, according to court records.

Falcon pleaded guilty to aggravated assault of a public servant and to rioting, both first degree felonies, Solis-Rodriguez pleaded guilty to riot, a first degree felony, court records show.

The convictions stem from an incident occurring at the GEO correctional facility on Dec. 24.

According to court records, on that night an unknown actor(s) threw illegal contraband over the facility fence and onto the facility grounds, just outside an area known as Housing 6 AB.

Responding correction officers made their way to state housing where the contraband was thrown, and saw inmates breaking through the jail window with a stick and a hook to reach for the contraband, the case report states.

Corrections officers had to tear gas the housing cell and segregate the inmates in state housing in order to secure the contraband.

The officers recovered a broken cell phone and cigarettes, the case report states.

Corrections officers stated that inmates took out a black stick and created a human wall using themselves, and raised sticks in manner that caused the officers to fear for themselves, the report states.

Corrections officers recovered a portion of the broken cell phone, a wad of cigarettes and cigars, a clear plastic baggy of white unknown pills and various other items of contraband, the report states.

Following interviews and review of evidence including surveillance video footage by Val Verde County Sheriff’s Office Investigator Gabriel Soriano and by Deputy Bryan Veliz, the case was forwarded to the District Attorney for review.

Among others involved in the incident the investigators referred the cases of Falcon and Solis Rodriguez, both of them suspected of aggravated assault against a public servant.

The case was prosecuted by 63rd and 83rd Judicial Districts District Attorney Michael Bagley and by First Assistant District Attorney Roland Andrade, and Border Prosecution Unit Investigator Steve Gallegos.

“My office will continue to properly investigate and prosecute these types of cases that affect the safety and protection of our correctional officers, deputy sheriffs, and their other staff and personnel,” Bagley said.

“Inmates must remain respective of the rules while in custody and not take matters into their own hands. We will not tolerate these actions. I wish to thank all the correctional officers and deputy sheriffs/investigators who were involved in the successful prosecution of these two cases,” Bagley said.

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