Gearing up for Christmas in the middle of the summer? Yes, a group of Del Rio women and friends have been quilting and sewing Christmas décor and all kinds of goodies throughout the season.

The members of a quilting guild, who are involved in various activities around town, meet regularly in a shop in downtown Del Rio, to share their knowledge and experience new techniques in handcrafting their own colorful creations.

The quilting guild meets at Specialty Fabrics, 625 South Main Street, in downtown Del Rio.

The store hosts a class for adults every other week. Some of these women are involved in other activities with children. They mentor a very active 4-H sewing club that has been learning basic skills, such as making curtains and fixing pants, and more advanced creations such as coasters, microwave bowl holders and other items.

“Sewing is a useful skill for these children, especially when they go to college and get to be on their own,” shop owner Nelda Vasquez said.

The group meets at the shop every other week, and includes Del Rio participants and also women from out of town.

Sarai Cardenas lives in Austin, but she comes twice a month to spend some time with the quilters.

“I really enjoy being here with these ladies, they have been doing a wonderful job. The fabrics and the environment we have is hard to find anywhere else,” she said.

Fabrics in high demand, Cardenas said, include the sarape-themed textiles, Dia de los Muertos fabric, Frida Kahlo fabric, and some other stylish materials.

The class just recently started, but Vasquez has had the shop for about three years. She started out selling fabrics out of her home, and after a while she decided to open a storefront downtown.

Vasquez takes pride in her stock and customer service.

“We have people from out of town calling in for fabrics and some of our products, we just had an order from California, they get better prices and our stock is what they really like,” she said.

These women have been crafting handbags and other colorful projects that are guaranteed to provide a special and personal touch to the upcoming holidays. The quilters also meet at the Church of Christ once a month.

As for the Christmas creations, the seamstresses have been working in a very unique version of the traditional Christmas stockings, lively Texas-sized boots that will be hanging on someone’s chimney in December.

For more information on the sewing class and the quilting guild contact Nelda Vasquez at (830) 719 1546 or go by the fabrics shop at 625 South Main Street.

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