Luis Rosas

Luis Rosas

We have a council who is afraid to spend tax monies in important things such as the purchasing of replacement communications equipment.

Council member Carranza said he favored budgeting money for the dog park. In fact, he favored a dog park so much, it took precedence over the street repair budget. And 5-1, the council voted to raid the city’s in-house street repair budget to fund the communications equipment purchase.

I imagine Mr. Carranza was pleased as punch. Mr. Carranza sounds like he likes to please small specialty groups and opposed to doing good works like staying or at least trying to stay on top of the street repairs.

Is Mr. Carranza a vindictive man, wanting to get back at a critic? And council member Rowland Garza has a lot of brass to interrupt such an important discussion as Mr. Carranza’s dog park to ask when the city’s planned sports complex would be completed. There, Mr. Garza, your sports complex will soon be a reality; and North Buzzard will rejoice, but how about doing something nice for South Del Rio, like fixing the streets?

Las Vacas, for example, is a main artery on the way to Acuna. Every car in Chihuahua uses it.

The city’s bus service uses it back and forth every day except Sundays. Las Vacas is not a total wreck, but it can use a facelift. It is deteriorating around the edges. Some stretches can use curbing and sidewalks.

Catering to a small group who wants a dog park is selfish and dumb. You should cater to as many Del Rioans as you possibly can. And stealing from the street repair fund is not doing that.

But what can we expect from a not-so-sophisticated council who robs Peter to pay Paul even when Peter is needed of attention, crucified upside down and needs to be righted. But when you are blinded by the light of ballparks and dog parks, you can’t see the needs of the rest of the city.

That’s like Donald Trump stealing from the Homeland Security Internal Disaster Fund to build a stupid black wall on the southern border at the time Hurricane Dorian was headed to Florida.

Trump should be a member of Buzzard’s city council. The conservative Mitch McConnell and his Republicans in the Senate voted against the wall, so the man in the Oval Office decided to go against the Congress and steal from the funds of other departments which Congress provides the funds for, Trump steals. As he goes against the Constitution, bad for any president to do.

But Trump is a dictator, the rule of law means nothing to him.

His trade war with China isn’t going so well either. It is hurting both economies, and as usual he always tries to blame others like Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell, calling him an enemy of the state for refusing to mention another interest rate cut.

Trump can’t dance in a buffalo wallow of his own making, and that’s what his tariff war with China has created.

Trade wars are good, he said at the beginning. Well, with China, it turns out trade wars are bad, and costly to American consumers, farmers and manufacturers. Even with low unemployment and a good economy, life is not a bowl of cherries, when you have to pay more for everything and are facing the uncertainty of a recession.

His wild-butt attempts and successes rolling back 83 environmental protections, ignoring the threat of climate change to us and the world. Norway is having a serious problem already with climate change.

And conservative columnist Michael Gerson says: “Will Hurd, Fred Upton, Susan Brooks, and Brian Fitzpatrick are four Republicans who supported the resolution condemning President Donald Trump’s plainly racist taunts urging four House members to go back to their countries of family origin.

“These are the last, scattered exceptions to the rule of malice and bigotry in the GOP.”

And I say that it is clear to all of us that the Republican Party no longer sees America as a nation who has always strived to spread democracy and human dignity in the world.

Donald Trump is bringing back the age of government making the rich, richer. Which brought on the crash of 1929, the Great Depression, and the rich jumping out of windows of tall buildings. The cowards couldn’t live with the idea that they were now candidates for the soup lines.

The Statue of Liberty promises a lot but does not deliver for all. It never has.

Mister, can you spare a dime? The system is still pretty uneven.

Luis Rosas is a local columnist whose contribution appears in the Del Rio News-Herald every Tuesday.

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