The possibility of students returning to traditional classrooms in the middle of September is up for discussion in an upcoming meeting for San Felipe Del Rio Consolidated Independent School District.

Superintendent of Schools Carlos Rios will present the agenda item “Start of the 2020-2021 School Year - Transition Beyond the Four-Week Limit” to the San Felipe Del Rio CISD Board of Trustees on Tuesday.

As of Wednesday night, recommended action for the agenda item has yet to be decided.

The agenda item refers to beginning the transition of students into a regular classroom the week of Sept. 14. Only the students that chose to do the traditional education model or hybrid education model, a mixture of traditional classroom and online education, would be transitioning to a regular classroom.

Prior to the beginning of classes, board members agreed if the ongoing coronavirus pandemic worsened, a waiver should be sought out to extend online classes by another four weeks.

The waiver would need to be approved by the Texas Education Agency before the school district continues online classes for another four weeks.

During a press conference, Rios stated 35 percent of students chose the traditional education model, approximately 54 percent chose the online education model and approximately 11 percent chose the hybrid model.

Currently all students within the school district are participating in online courses for the first three weeks of school. The school district provided laptops, desktops and other electronic devices for students to do online assignments.

Chromebooks were purchased by the school district in order to supply laptops to more students. Per a previous statement by Rios, the purchased devices may arrive late and thus far the expected delivery would be early October.

Extracurricular activities for San Felipe Del Rio CISD students remain suspended until Sept. 16, according to Rios.

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