Gene Chapman

Gene Chapman

Our war games national defense is revised to counter China/Russia aggression. The U.S. Navy has deployed its new ship killer missiles in China’s backyard. The best way to confront a bully is to prepare for battle, preventing war.

China, in her aggressive mode, is building artificial islands in the South China seas claiming control of sea passage, while international law proclaims them open to the world in peaceful commerce.

As others cowered, Trump is demanding adherence to international law and open passage. Trump can do that because he is a different president, speaking directly with president Xi Jinping, avoiding layers of State Department bureaucratic paranoia with garbled messages.

A real message for peace is sent, as the United States and our allies practice war games with China and Russia as our potential enemies. The Obama Administration was all about capitulation in weakness.

Trump is not apologizing for America’s greatness, but demanding fair trade practices, and no deal until China ceases stealing our military secrets, our cutting edge new entrepreneurial technologies in copycat competition. As our economy roars, the international economies are suffering in the throes of socialism, and the American left hates it, laughably spreading propaganda that the good times resulted from the eight years of Obama’s administration.

China is a poor country with 300 million people living as they did 1,000 years ago, a 40 percent command economy demanding respect, but a people’s army trying an end run around reality, all to save most important face.

And Trump is willing to help them save it. Trump’s strongest cheering section is not America, but China’s neighbors Vietnam, India, Thailand, Singapore, Japan, Indonesia, all receiving the corporations fleeing China, resulting with this trade disruption.

You could ask why corporations can produce needed products in faraway countries cheaper than they can in America, but that would be a stake in the heart of one party dependent upon labor union money, and hate the rich for survival.

But China must always be considered a serious player, cerebral, patient, and disciplined well beyond America’s Kool-Aid, Kool-Aid, can’t wait society. We are no longer the dominant power with the last word spreading good, thanks to snowflake leftism’s dumbed down America. I am moderately optimistic America will win.

Thousands of Chinese students are studying in America. Do you think our universities are teaching them of America’s Christian greatness? But Walmart’s once made in America label, is now 70-80 percent made in China, excluding groceries.

Naturally our corporations oppose higher tariffs on certain Chinese goods. Last year we imported $539.5 billion in goods from China while exporting $120.3 billion to China.

Corporations and consumers demanding cheaper prices from abroad present issues of national security with China’s expanding exports. The Chinese Communist Party is seeking spheres of influence worldwide, replacing America’s dominance economically and militarily using slave socialist labor.

China is a communist bully as all brutish communist nations are, with little interest in fairness. Smaller countries of the world, even some silent Democrats are applauding Trump’s stand against the brutal rule of uncaring power. As millions of brave Hong Kong protesters were waving American flags loving Trump, our leftist media was inventing fake crimes and misdemeanors in a brain dead Congress to impeach him with.

Communist China didn’t use tanks and guns to kill them, agreeing with some of their demands in good or bad faith. The mere hint of less than iron clad rule was enough to send the market upward, with soon coming trade talk resumptions.

China agreed, then rescinded the agreement of the first document after they studied the enforceable restrictions prohibiting theft of secrets and property. Any agreement signed by Trump will be in America’s best interest and enforced.

China would love to go back to American capitulation, and could wait until after the 2020 election, but that would only make it worse should Trump win. The truth is on the William Barr Express, soon to set America free from her long struggle between Christian free markets in freedom, and cold steel dictatorial government rule. How about trading San Francisco and Hollywood for Hong Kong? They waved our flag at great peril understanding the sweetness of freedom, and the bitter taste of enslavement.

Gene Chapman grew up on a farm in Arkansas but has lived on the Texas border for many years. He is a former chairman of the Val Verde County Republican Party.

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