Rapists and criminals, that’s what Trump calls us. We do have criminal elements in the Hispanic community and also the Black communities. We stick mostly to petty stuff like robbing liquor stores, convenience stores, burglaries, carjacking, and sometimes we even kill each other over drug deals.

We stick mostly to hand guns. It’s hard to conceal an assault rifle we you walk into a liquor store. We do this to get money, drugs, liquor, or whatever has any value. However, there are other people that love long guns. Like high power rifles and specially assault rifles with high capacity magazines.

This guys are not thieves, they just like to shoot up malls, night clubs, music concerts, a high school, and even an elementary school with six and seven-year-old children.

These guys did not cross the border. Even if you build a wall all around the country, they are already here. Good all American boys.

Like I said, we do it for money, drugs whatever. So we are criminals. What are these guys? Republican lawmakers say it’s a mental problem, not a gun problem. Okay, why sell guns to people with mental problems? What’s wrong with background checks?

Trump says his rhetoric unites people. How many Blacks and Hispanics do you see at his rallies?

Rojelio Vasquez

Del Rio, Texas

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