Team 4063 member Austin Mercier escorts the team’s robot, Luke Skyhopper, toward the game field during the 2020 Del Rio District Event.

The Del Rio High School robotics team will get an opportunity to replay the 2020 season next year, after it was cut short due to the COVID-19 crisis, For Inspiration and Recognition in Science and Technology, also known as FIRST, announced.

“The ongoing impact of the pandemic presents significant and unprecedented challenges for all, including our community. Recognizing these challenges, including the need to minimize team total participation costs, and the fact that nearly half of the FIRST Robotics Competition Teams were unable to play the 2020 game due to the disruption of season, FIRST has determined that the 2020 Infinite Recharge game will be replayed for the 2021 Game Changers, powered by Star Wars: Force for Change season,” the organization said in an update.

According to FIRST, there will be changes to the game layout from the 2020 game, as the Game Design Team will be looking at adjustments to the game. Changes to the game will be announced during the official kickoff in 2021.

Team 4063, also known as TrikZr4Kidz or the “Bunnies,” will have the opportunity to continue using its robot, Luke Skyhopper, make any necessary upgrades or changes, or use parts from Skyhopper to create a new robot for the upcoming season. The Bunnies will also be able to work on their robot between now and the 2021 kickoff.

“The rules that had prohibited this activity in prior seasons are being rewritten for 2021 and will be published shortly,” the update states.

The Bunnies recently were awarded the 2020 El Paso District Chairman’s award, the most prestigious award to receive at a robotics competition and immediately qualified to the state championship.

Currently FIRST is evaluating whether or not the qualification will carry over into 2021 and will provide details as they become available.

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