Gerardo J. Maldonado CTE Center

Career and Technical Education Architecture and Construction Instructor Jose Mario Esquivel shows young children how to build a birdhouse during the Do-It-Yourself event at the Gerardo J. Maldonado CTE Center.

Del Rioans joined and participated in a variety of sessions Thursday, during the Do-It-Yourself night held at the Career and Technical Education program Gerardo J. Maldonado Center and Del Rio High School.

Each session was designed by CTE students, center director Roger Gonzalez said.

The event took place in February, to raise awareness on CTE month, Gonzalez said.

This year’s turnout was more than last year, he said.

Career and Technical Education Counselor Carolina Cardenas was very pleased of seeing a large number of children and parents showing up for DIY night.

“It’s a great time to expose them to CTE at a young age, instead of them having to wait until high school,” Cardenas said.

The sessions combined skills learned through the various clusters, while presenting the possibilities students can achieve through the programs.

Some sessions included teaching children how to build a birdhouse, create a Valentine with functioning lights, make a pastry; and some sessions included teaching older children and adults how to change a tire, cardio pulmonary resuscitation and other skills.

The career and technical education programs are a part of San Felipe Del Rio Consolidated Independent School District, and offer high school students the opportunity to learn skills and receive certification before graduating.

Throughout the year, various of the programs participate with the Del Rio community through volunteering for several activities.

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