A Del Rioan created graphs showcasing the visual aspect of novel coronavirus or COVID-19 cases in the city of Del Rio and Val Verde County.

Lauren Cardenas, a statistics teacher, began creating the graphs after she was curious to see how the data would look like visually. As of Wednesday, Cardenas created six separate graphs to represent total positive cases, active cases, positive rate, tests submitted, amount of tests vs positive cases and residual plot.

The graphs use information that has been released by the City of Del Rio to the public, dating back to Apr. 1, and Cardenas put that information into separate mathematical equations for the graphs.

The graphs for total positive cases and active cases also mark the dates when Texas began reopening restaurants, bars and businesses in phases, as well as Mother’s Day and Memorial Day.

Based on the data, Del Rio saw a recent increase of 16 positive cases on June 19 – a total of 59 cases at the time, followed by an increase of 26 positive cases on June 22 – a total of 85 cases at the time.

On Wednesday, Val Verde County Judge Lewis Owens announced online the total of positive cases increased to 107.

“Statewide the trends are getting bad. I’m glad our city and county were able to take action, and wish the state hadn’t prevented them from doing so for so long. The early response from our community was great, but the forced reopening phases from the state over the past month have hurt. Everyone needs to do their part to prevent spread,” Cardenas said.

The graphs are available to view online at the website public.tableau.com as “COVID-19 in Del Rio.” Cardenas said she is not associated with city, county or state administration nor the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention and any other organizations associated with the governance and data collection.

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