Val Verde Regional Medical Center

Amid the coronavirus emergency declaration, Val Verde Regional Medical Center is implementing a new visitation and hospital access policy, effective today at 6 a.m.

The number of confirmed cases of novel coronavirus disease in Del Rio continues to rise, and this Sunday the local hospital announced one of its staff members, Dr. Daniel Chartrand, has tested positive for the respiratory disease.

Val Verde Regional Medical Center Chief Executive Officer Linda Walker said in a video posted Sunday on social media that Dr. Chartrand tested positive on March 28, and both doctor and the medical center agreed that his patients and the staff should be informed of any potential exposure during this past week.

“Exposure means in close contact, six feet or less, for an extended period of time, an hour according to the CDC (Centers for the Disease Control and Prevention) guidelines,” Walker said.

“In response to this information and in cooperation with Dr. Chartrand, we ask that if you have any symptoms including fever, shortness of breath, loss of taste, please advise your supervisor and do not report to work,”

Walker said anyone with the symptoms should go to the rural clinic, 1801 N. Bedell Ave., during clinic hours.

“(Also) if you have been in close contact with Dr. Chartrand, do not have symptoms but wish to be tested, please go to the walk in clinic, and you will receive testing,” she said.

Walker said hospital officials are utilizing the walk in clinic rather than the emergency room, in order to alleviate times for both patients needing to be tested for COVID-19 as well as those in need of the emergency room.

As of Saturday, city officials and hospital officials have confirmed a total of five cases of COVID-19 in Del Rio and Val Verde County, of which three are international travel related, one is travel within the United States related, and the fifth is reported as community spread.

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I think all positive, negatives and everyone that is being tested should be reported by your newspaper. This is a violation of privacy especially in a small town. Dr. Chartrand would never intentionally hurt anyone.


Jeane Chartrand CRNA


Your right they should and they need a better handle on thing instead of pointing fingers. They should also test people who Show signs but don’t have a fever.

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