Glen Canyon Drive standoff

A woman is loaded into an ambulance Tuesday afternoon on Glen Canyon Drive. The woman was pepper sprayed after a nearly eight-hour standoff resulting from her refusal to comply with an eviction order.

The Val Verde County Sheriff’s Office served an eviction Tuesday afternoon in a property located at the 100 block of Glen Canyon Drive, after several hours of a standoff due to the occupant refusing to leave.

Val Verde County Sheriff Joe Frank Martinez said his office was serving the eviction in compliance with an order by the 4th Court of Appeals.

“We arrived here at approximately 8:30 in the morning, there is a ruling by Judge (Stephen B.) Ables and we are here to do what we need to do,” Martinez said.

Several patrol units remained on the scene, while a woman locked herself inside a vehicle parked inside the property.

Court documents list Del Rioan Marybel Suday as occupant of the property. The eviction, according to documents filed in the 4th Court of Appeals, stems from litigation involving the estate of the late Olga Tamez de Suday vs. Jesus Lozano Suday, in which Marybel Suday is listed as the independent executor to the estate.

Due to her refusal to leave the property sheriff’s deputies had to pepper spray Maryvel Suday to remove her from the vehicle and the property.

Suday was transported by ambulance and will be facing charges of criminal trespass, Martinez said.