Jose Gloria and Iliana Delgado

Jose Gloria and Iliana Delgado paint images of the sun reflecting on the water after scoping out the area and choosing a spot to sit at in 277 South boat ramp during the Paint with a Ranger event.

Amistad National Recreation Area hosted Paint with a Ranger Wednesday at 277 South boat ramp.

Park Ranger Amanda Curtis encouraged attendees to try their hands at painting with acrylic paint, watercolors, or color pencils.

A tent was set up and allowed attendees to view the scenery in front of them. Attendees were not limited to stay inside the tent.

People were allowed to explore the area and sit in a location they felt would give them the best view for their painting.

Event attendant Jose Gloria said he would not have been at the event had it not been for another attendant, Iliana Delgado. Gloria and Delgado arrived early and scoped out the area before choosing their preferred spot.

Delgado and Gloria chose to sit in the road area of 277 South. This allowed them to view the sun reflecting off the water.

Dolores Sanchez and her daughter Yorley Guerra attended the event as a way for Guerra to explore the city. Sanchez is new to Del Rio and added her daughter previously attended Lego Lab at the Val Verde County Library.

“I thought with it being summer it would be easier for people to come on by on a week day,” Curtis said.

Curtis added she has received calls asking for the event to be scheduled on the weekends, but due to current resources it is not possible.

The event will continue until the end of July with the next painting session taking place July 17 from 9 am. to noon at Diablo East.Attendees are encouraged to bring their own snacks, water and a portable chair. Appropriate clothing and sunscreen are recommended as well.

For more information, people can contact Curtis at (830) 775 7491 ext. 2223 or contact the Amistad National Recreational Area through their Facebook page.

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