A popular Youtuber and online comedian performed for a sold out Del Rio Civic Center surprised attendees with a skit about Del Rio.

Mario Aguilar’s show “Celosa Yo? Jamas!” drew many local citizens, with a ticket line stretching into car spots at the civic center’s parking lot. Attendees were advised during the third curtain call, flash photography and videography was not allowed.

Aguilar mentioned the rule once again during his entrance and joked he would personally kick out the rule breakers.

Aguilar kicked off the performance with the struggles women face on a daily basis. Following the skit was a brief interlude on the city’s airport.

“I was in the Houston terminal, and it’s a big terminal, and I walk over to an employee for assistance and they looked at me funny. They told me ‘Del Rio has an airport?’ with a questionable look on their faces,” Aguilar said.

Aguilar joked about arriving to Del Rio unprepared, as he flew in wearing shorts and stepped out of the airport to a cold day. “I figured since it was Texas it would be hot,” Aguilar said.

The proximity of everything in Del Rio was another joke in Aguilar’s skit.

Aguilar presented the party girl and mom characters he is known for on social media. Aguilar’s party girl skit consisted of stereotypes and habits women do when they’re out partying, such as the

one person in the group that gets lost, and restroom etiquette.

Aguilar’s mom character ranged from typical Mexican mom sayings to a day at the supermarket. The crowd laughed at the reality of the jokes.

Before the show closed out, Aguilar asked the audience if they were familiar with how parties were done in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Aguilar performed dance music that was popular during that time and thanked the audience for a wonderful show.

“I hope this isn’t the first or the last time I come,” Aguilar said. According to the comedian, attendees should keep an eye out for a future video in which they may make an appearance.

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