Luis Rosas

Luis Rosas

There were letters to the opinion page on Tuesday, July 9 with titles such as “Concentration Camps” and “To our wonder Border Patrol Agents” to which I will make some comments about.

“Concentration Camps”

This writer pooh, poohs the idea that holding pens for migrants could be referred to as concentration camps.

But if groups of people are herded into pens like cattle, and kept there surrounded by chain-linked fences and armed guards, then it’s a concentration camp.

But no, says the writer, the concentration camps are mostly in the minority neighborhoods. She lays it on thick, saying, that’s where babies are being savagely slaughtered. And she adds: “Women browbeaten and brainwashed into abortion.”

But while abortion is not mentioned in the Constitution, the Constitution gives the Supreme Court the power to rule on issues presented to the Supremos.

We are a country of laws. Complaints about abortion should be presented in Congress, which enacts the laws, but even if abortion should be made illegal, abortion would continue. They will be unsafe, unsanitary, and girls and women getting ruined, and some dying from the works of a butcher. On top of being poor, you have settled minority neighborhoods with the stigma of abortion mills, and oppressed women.

Take off your blinders and see the truth. Migrant children are prisoners of ungodly Trump rules that treat them like they are the scum of the Earth in filthy, deplorable conditions.

Just like dogs.

The devil’s playgrounds are those human compounds. They are man’s inhumanity to man.

Concentration camps?

In Alabama, a new law denies abortion to women, even in cases of incest or rape, but the rapist may still pursue custody rights of a child conceived during his assault.

Twenty-five Alabama Neanderthals enacted the law.

As an anti-abortionist, what do you think of a law like that one? In many cases, the rapist is a close family member.

“Our wonderful Border Patrol Agents”

Of course, thanks to the “wonderful ones.” To say that their work is hard and challenging is to say the least.

But the CBP is like all law enforcement groups. They have their bad apples, not by accident, but by intent.

Some agents are from the Stone Age. There are reports of sexual advances, and retaliation when reported. Some agents are clearly racists, and mock their helpless captives.

This letter writer wrote that he is a Palestinian by way of Jordan, where in both cases “strong men” rule. And it’s no wonder he thinks Trump is a great president. Strongmen anywhere keep their boots shiny from kicking the citizens’ backsides everyday and twice on Sunday.

I don’t know this writer from Adam, except for what he said in his opinion letter. And if he came out of Palestine to Jordan, he was a refugee, living in a tent and fed by the Jordanians for years, but now in America, he maybe thinks he is the grand Poobah looking down his nose at the refugees from south of the border.

This writer wonders how safe we are from the south of the border refugees. I wonder how safe we are from people, who think the way this writer does. I don’t want him living anywhere in the vicinity of where I live.

The writer sounds very concerned about the Democrats depriving poor, defenseless Trumpy wumpy from keeping us safe.

Safe from what?

From children looking for the same things this writer came looking for in this country, allegedly under God in the Constitution.

Your idol Trump has fallen in love with the most Godless man on Earth, Kim Jung Un, and has invited him to the White House. Shouldn’t we feel safe from Trump’s love for dictators? The writer should write about this.

There were two letters congratulating again, all the individuals and “wonderful buzzard businesses” who made the “world famous” San Felipe Arch possible.

I think that San Felipe Creek became world famous too, after the e-coli report came out.

So one inscription on the Arch should have been: Don’t drink the creek water, but bring jobs to San Fe.

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