With a grateful heart I want to say thank you to all of you and ask the readers to join me and express their appreciation every time they see Border Patrol agents, ICE agents, law enforcement and military. First let me share the following with you to clarify my reason for writing this letter.

I was a citizen of the country of Palestine under the British rule; due to political conflicts I became a refugee, then a citizen of Jordan; as a young adult I became a legal immigrant to the United States of America, during the five years of being a green carder holder, I studied the legal and judicial system and had the honor and privilege to become a citizen of this great country I live in.

My two most important desires were to cast my vote and get my American passport that allowed me to travel freely to most countries of the world. I understand the desire on part of the millions wishing to immigrate to other countries including the USA, but also respect the fact that we are a NATION OF LAWS.

Anyone wishing to immigrate must abide by the law and do it legally as I and millions of naturalized citizens had to do. It is surprising to me that some lawmakers think that illegal immigrants can come into the country and very quickly join the voting public not knowing anything about the system.

Living in Del Rio, Texas on the Mexico border, a city that has a large Border Petrol sector, I pay great attention to all things around me and can see clearly the problem at the southern borders and what the agents have to deal with.

You have gone way above and beyond the call of duty and the job you signed up for. Now unfortunately you turned into care givers, baby sitters, medical teams, a distraction to the pleasure of the enemy allowing them to do more destruction, drug trafficking, human smuggling and more.

You spend your own money to help the illegals, you deprive your own families of your time with them, and what do you get in return? The likes of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez who spread rumors and false accusations, just like many of her colleagues in congress who will say and do whatever they can to deprive the president of any victory in trying to protect the citizens of the United States.

I am not surprised at the level of their selfish behavior but very disappointed how they put their personal hate of the president above the safety of our country. The people know exactly what is happening at the borders, yet some of their elected representatives continue to be in denial for their own political gains.

What happened to CLASS, MANNERS, POLITMENESS, TRUTHFULLNESS and UNDERSTANDING! As a Rotarian, I suggest that Alexandria and her colleagues learn and follow the ROTARY MOTO of the things we think, say and do “IS IT THE TRUTH, IS IT FAIR TO ALL CONCERNED, WILL IT BUILD GOOD WILL AND BETTER FRIENDSHIP AND WOULD IT BE BENEFICIAL TO ALL CONCERNED.”

Do you as a citizen want to know who lives next door to you? Won’t you feel comfortable and safe with the fact that if things go wrong you can report the individual and get protection, how do you get that with an illegal immigrant doing you harm? Yet they want them to vote.

I pray OUR LORD protect you and keep our country safe.

Najla Weathersbee, a proud American

Del Rio, Texas

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