Del Rio High School students and staff are returning from a Spring Break trip that took a turn for the worst, after U.S. President Donald Trump announced on Wednesday night a travel ban on flights coming in from the European Union to combat the increase of coronavirus or COVID-19 cases.

The students travelled as two groups, one travelled to Spain and Portugal while the other travelled to France, according to San Felipe Del Rio Consolidated Independent School District.

A mother of one of the students, who asked to remain anonymous, said all the groups flew out from Spain on Monday morning and were making their way back to an airport in Miami.

Once arriving in Florida, the students and chaperones will go through a screening process, the parent said.

The parent added the Miami airport is busy and the screening process could delay the groups from reaching their flight to the San Antonio.

The parent prays the groups are able to make it back to Miami and San Antonio without any issues.

If the screening process does not cause delays the groups were scheduled to arrive in San Antonio last night, according to the parent, but if it does the students and chaperones will need to find another flight to San Antonio.

During a special meeting on Saturday Superintendent of Schools Dr. Carlos Rios recommended a required quarantine for the students that traveled abroad, as well as any staff members that were in any high risk places during the holiday.

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What about the 2 kids traveling into Mexico so they don't get tested? What will happen with them?


hey ! where's my comment?"???

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