The lines weren’t as long as they had been the day before, but Val Verde County workers continued distributing free liquid disinfectant on Thursday.

Oralia Gallegos was one of the first to drive into the Precinct 1 distribution site set up in the parking lot adjacent to the Brown Plaza in south Del Rio about 9 a.m. Thursday.

“I came to get this disinfectant for my house,” she said, adding she had looked for bleach in local stores, but was unable to find any.

“There wasn’t any anywhere. I have six kids, and they’re all over the house, so I really need this,” she said with a laugh.

“I think it’s a good idea that the county is doing this. I think it’s good for the whole community,” Gallegos added.

Velma Treviño also came to the Precinct 1 distribution site on Thursday and said she was glad the line was not as long as she had seen it the day before.

“I live close to the Catholic Church (Our Lady of Guadalupe), and about 9:30 yesterday morning, the line was all the way from the Brown Plaza down Garza Street to the sixth grade campus,” she said.

Treviño, too, said she brought bottles to be filled with the liquid disinfectant because she couldn’t find any in local stores.

“There was nothing. Nothing was available,” she said.

“I’m going to use this to clean everything at my house and make sure we clean things when we come back in from the outside,” Treviño added.

County Commissioner Pct. 1 Martin Wardlaw said Wednesday’s distribution started a little more slowly than he would have liked, but added he and his crew quickly organized themselves and fell into a rhythm.

“The Val Verde County Sheriff’s Office deputies were instrumental in helping us get organized. We ended up with three lines coming through yesterday, and I don’t have the numbers as to how many people we ran through, and my crew did a phenomenal job,” Wardlaw said.

“This was really needed, a really good thing for the neighborhood,” the commissioner added.

County Commissioner Pct. 2 Juan Carlos Vazquez, too, said Thursday he was pleased with the work done by his crew Wednesday at the Roy Musquiz Park distribution site.

“It’s been awesome. It’s been going fabulous. People are really excited about getting this disinfectant. There are a lot of people who are really worried about this (COVID-19) situation, and we’ve been doing what we can to calm them down and letting them know what the purpose of the disinfectant is and how to use it,” Vazquez said.

Vazquez described Wednesday’s distribution as “really hectic.”

“From 6:30 in the morning, cars started to line up, and actually at one point, the line was all the way from (FM) 2523 nearly all the way to Highway 90, to Charles Drive at the gas station. We had some very minor glitches, but we worked those out,” Vazquez said.

He thanked officers of the school district police department and the Texas Department of Public Safety troopers who helped out.

“Our sheriff also sent a couple of deputies, and I appreciate that. We all ended up with sunburns, myself included, but it was all good. It was a long day, but the most important thing was the people were super-happy to get the disinfectant,” Vazquez said.

Mayra Perez was one of the first county residents to visit Roy Musquiz Park distribution site on Thursday.

“This is a great opportunity to give us something to clean our houses. I’m concerned about the whole situation, for my kids, for my family, but I’m so thankful that Mr. Vazquez is doing this,” she said.

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Sad not to see one word of thanks to Ruben Falcon for securing the disinfectant. Could that be because he is the Republican Candidate for our state representative. I hope we haven't sunk that low.

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