Luis Rosas

Luis Rosas

Keep your shirt on. I agree the whole South was Democratic and too lazy to wipe their own butts, they had to have slaves to do it for them. Well, in the Civil War they lost their butts, and their slaves with it.

But the South stayed Democratic until Martin Luther King convinced President Lyndon Johnson that something needed to be done about the economic injustice.

And Democratic President Johnson, in turn, got Republican Senator Evert Dirksen to convince other Republican senators to vote yes on the Civil Rights legislation.

And the next sound that was heard was a giant switch as the bottom fell out of the Democratic South and it went Republican. And in Alabama, they are crazy Republicans.

Trump just called himself the greatest president in history. And probably the local columnist agrees with Trump’s description of himself. Trump is nothing that comes close to great, he is a dictator who has surrounded himself with those like himself making a mockery of democracy.

He (Trump) is being aided and abetted by the chief lawyer in this country; none other than Attorney General Bill Barr. Barr and a slew of Trump enablers are defying Congress which is unconstitutional like that Corey Lewandosky who just made a sham of testifying in front of a congressional committee.

Lewandosky was a flash in the pan in charge of Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign who didn’t even get to see the inside of the White House; but yet he went in loaded for bear against the committee in defense of Trump, and against the truth.

Thank our lucky stars there are still some sensible Republicans left in this country like the group calling themselves “Republicans for the rule of law” who have recently made public Trump and Pence’s corruptive practices, when Vice President Pence in a recent trip to Ireland took lodging at the Trump’s golf resort in Scotland more than a few miles away from Dublin where his business was to take place.

And the Defense Department saying they have a bill totaling more than $200,000 from different U.S. Air Force stays at the same Trump resort as Vice President Pence.

Obviously, Trump is lining his pockets taking a corruptive stance fleecing the tax payers. I repeat, the Constitution prevents any president from making a profit while in office and as we all know, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

And there is nothing remotely great about President Trump absolutely making a profit from Air Force stays at his golf resorts.

There is a recent whistleblower’s complaint against Trump, which came out of the Department of National Intelligence or the White House which alleges Trump on the phone making an inappropriate promise to the President of Ukraine.

It sounds like something Trump would do because some time back it was believed Trump withheld military aid to Ukraine at a time when Russia was arming the Ukrainians of Russian descent with war material. Trump also failed to publicize a climate change report made in his own administration.

And as for great presidents that have been, I give you Democrats Franklin Roosevelt, Truman, Lyndon Johnson and John Kennedy.

And for those Americans today who like Donald Trump think kindness, and vigilance don’t go together, you wouldn’t be an American today if not for Democrat Harry Truman.

Truman signed the Displaced Person Act in 1947-48 saving millions of lives for refugees escaping persecution from their own governments.

Administrations after Truman followed suit, giving refuge to thousands of Hungarians escaping the soviets, hundreds of thousands of Cubans escaping Castro’s butcher machine, 750,000 Soviet Jews escaping Kremlin tyrants like Trump’s pal Vladimir Putin.

Today’s refugees from Central America are not just escaping poverty, but hunger as well.

They have been hit so hard with climate change that the crops won’t grow.

Are you afraid they will squat on your piece of brush and cactus in buzzard county, and dry as a bone? Not when they are escaping similar conditions they won’t squat in buzzard.

And as for bad guys trying to cross along with the refugees, that’s where the vigilance part comes in.

This hot world with its dry, and overly wet regions are going to see a refugee movement like never before. This climate change is impacting everybody, and food supplies are in danger, and Bible prophecies have nothing to do with it.

It is we, the people of this world, who screw things up.

Luis Rosas is a local columnist whose contribution appears in the Del Rio News-Herald every Tuesday.

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Sorry Luis but I could not agree with you any less and what you write in this column is usually inaccurate and full of false claims. Trump has done more to help this country out of a terrible economy created by the Clintons, Obamas and Biden’s than anyone else in the last 50 years. African American and Hispanic unemployment is at an all time LOW. By all accounts, the U.S. economic outlook is healthy according to the key economic indicators, with the most critical indicator being the gross domestic product, which measures the nation's production output. The GDP growth rate is expected to remain between the 2% to 3% ideal range. Why don’t you write about that positive news? The last 2 administrations left our country broken and in debt up to our eyeballs as they gave away our money and our pride. They literally sent billions of dollars to Iran for NO REASON. They sent millions of dollars to Ukraine and then Biden got his son a job who had literally no background of any kind in the oil and gas industry but they didn’t mind paying him $50,000 a month for nothing. The company was corrupt and under investigation and then Biden brags about getting the prosecutor fired. Ummm. Guess he was getting to close to uncovering their illegal activities. In fact, what is going on now with the Impeachment cries from the Democrats is simply their scramble to get out from under the Trump Administrations Investigation of ALL OF THEM. Including Obama & the Clintons & the Bidens who have a lot to answer for with regards to the shameful fake Russia dossier, their attempts to undermine the 2016 election, Clinton’s unsecured private server in her home and the 30,000 missing emails. Oh and what about the Clinton’s Foundation which has raised an estimated $2 billion from U.S. corporations, foreign governments and corporations, political donors, and various other groups and individuals. Surely there was no dirty quid pro quo there? Trump is on a mission to drain the swamp and hold those accountable for their illegal behavior and if that means reaching out to foreign leaders to find out what they know about it…I say Trump & Barr have every right to do so for the protection of our country. That’s why Trump won the election because the American people are sick and tired of all of the corruption in Washington. We hired Trump to do a job and he’s doing it. Why don’t you actually write something of value to your readers like…. stay focused on your financial well-being, continue to improve your skills, and chart a clear course for your career and goals for the future. Just like Biden and Bernie….you are a grumpy old man. America is the land of opportunity where one can achieve anything they put their mind to, no matter who they are. Thousands of people “legally” immigrate to the United States every year from different parts of the world to have access to these kinds of opportunities. This is what is known as "the American dream".

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