Despite a refusal to consent to a vehicle search, a woman was recently arrested and is now facing drug charges, after a canine unit indicated there was something suspicious with her belongings.

Barbara Ann Lara, 44, whose place of residence is listed at the 600 block of Avenue H, was arrested on Feb. 1, at the 1200 block of Veterans Boulevard, and charged with possession of a controlled substance Penalty Group 1 less than 1 gram, a state jail felony, police records show.

At the time of the incident, occurring at approximately 12:52 p.m., Lara also had an outstanding arrest warrant, records show.

According to an incident report, at about 12:52 p.m. a Del Rio Police Department officer conducted a traffic stop on a tan Lincoln Town Car for a seat belt violation.

The officer identified the driver and the passenger in the vehicle, and realized the passenger had active arrest warrants, according to the report.

The officer asked the driver of the vehicle for consent to search the vehicle and was denied. The officer then asked communications to locate a canine unit and send it to the traffic stop, records show.

When the canine unit arrived, it conducted a search and alerted to a handbag on the floor, which belonged to the passenger, the report states.

Officers searched the handbag and located what is described in the report as contraband.

Barbara Ann Lara was arrested and both the active warrants and the charges of possession of controlled substance, she was taken to the police station for processing and booking, records show.

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