San Felipe Ex-Students

Recipients of scholarships given by the San Felipe Ex-Students Memorial Center pose with their awards and the guest speaker for the event, career educator and administrator Alma Delia Jimenez-Guerrero.

The San Felipe Ex-Students Memorial Center recently awarded a total of $22,000 in scholarships to 38 graduating high school seniors.

The scholarships were presented on May 28 to the students during a ceremony at the San Felipe Ex-Students Memorial Center on West Garza Street, just blocks from the old San Felipe High School, now the San Felipe Memorial Middle School for the San Felipe-Del Rio Consolidated Independent School District.

Career educator and administrator Alma Delia Jimenez-Guerrero was the guest speaker at the event, and the scholarships were presented by members of the San Felipe Exes Scholarship Committee: Dr. Maria G. Ramirez, Ernesto Martinez, Griselda L. Martinez and Arturo Rocha.

Nearly all of the scholarships were named for San Felipe notables, community leaders who had their roots in the Barrio de San Felipe and the San Felipe Independent School District.

The scholarship recipients and the names of the scholarship each received were as follows:

Audrey Raabe, in honor of Mario Zertuche; Norely Faz, in honor of Teresita Rodriguez; Sarah Cervantes, Mauro and Alicia Paz Memorial Scholarship; Frank James Trevino, Simon Ramon Memorial Scholarship; Aaron Escoto, Bob Rodriguez Memorial Scholarship; Iyilia Falcon, Dr. Fermin Calderon Memorial Scholarship; Kyle Logan Smith, Santos Garza Memorial Scholarship; and

Andrew Castro, Ruben Chavira Memorial Scholarship; Alexandra Klay, Dr. Alfredo Gutierrez Memorial Scholarship; Krystal Salinas, Ovada Pasley Memorial Scholarship; Sherilynne Moore, Dr. Roberto Cuellar Memorial Scholarship; Jeslie Garza, Irene C. Cardwell Memorial Scholarship; Isamar Rodriguez, Ruben Flores Memorial Scholarship; Jesse Casanova IV, Jorge Martinez Memorial Scholarship; Jassmin Malagon, Dr. Aurelio Diaz Memorial Scholarship; and

Pedro Rodriguez, Mario Garcia Memorial Scholarship; Kaitlyn Sotelo, Emilio Jimenez Memorial Scholarship; Samuel Sunderland, “Lalo” Calderon Memorial Scholarship; Sarah Sunderland, Alberto Berton Memorial Scholarship; Mariana De Hoyos, Ramiro Ramon Memorial Scholarship; Valeria Ayala, May D. Harris Memorial Scholarship; Samantha Cardenas, San Felipe Exes Queen 2017 Scholarship; and Amanda Rivero-Delgado, San Felipe Exes Queen 2019 Scholarship.

The San Felipe Exes also awarded the following scholarships: Eleana Gavia, Sergio Gomez and Parker Alsup, Class of 1969 Scholarship; Angela Alonso and Melanie Esquivel, Class of 1970 in memory of Cecilia Martinez-Ramirez; Adamary Morales and Mechelle Rodriguez, Class of 1971-1972; Chloe Perry, in memory of Robert Lee Chavira; Lara Garanzuay, in memory of Victor and Toni Luna; Briza Rubio, in memory of Alonzo Martinez Sr.; Karina Palacios, in memory of Gustavo Mireles; Argelia Zapata, in memory of Luis Roberto “Tele” and Edelmira “Mache” Rubio; Carla Juarez, in memory of Frank Velasquez Jr.; Nathaly Robles, in memory of Frank and Amelia Velasquez; and Karina Delgado, The Bank & Trust Scholarship.

San Felipe Ex-Students President Alonzo Martinez Jr. welcomed those attending the celebration and introduced special guests, and Griselda L. Martinez served as mistress of ceremonies.

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