Luis Rosas

Luis Rosas

Big write-up in the News-Herald about the city council and city administrators new on the job as well as those with years of service, getting serious about street paving, plus an all-out effort to replace sewer and water pipes.

I still believe old water pipes are a source of cancer in buzzard.

I have been back in buzzard gulch 10 years, and writing to the opinion page ever since.

In the first few years, my letters usually included comments about the state of the streets south of the railroad tracks.

Former Mayor “Bobby” Fernandez was quoted in the News-Herald in defense of the city: “We don’t have a lot of money coming in.”

That was probably true. But I think it was more likely a lack of will that permeated past councils whose main ambition was to keep their seats by not raising taxes.

A noble endeavor to be sure.

But we the people pay taxes and die, that’s it in a nutshell, and in Texas, the Republican Legislature will fall on their swords before they raise property taxes.

That would be a loser for their re-election. So, instead, they raise taxes on goods and services. So, if you own property, your taxes are not raised, but we pay through the nose as the cost of everything goes up, but the corporate world pays very little if any taxes, while the CEOs get millions in bonuses and salaries.

Trump doesn’t need his presidential salary, and donating it is the least he can do after giving himself a tax-cut big enough to choke a horse.

But back to the beginning.

And where is the present council getting all the loot for their street-paving endeavor?

Grants, and cash on hand most likely. Plus, the will to do eight to nine streets per year.

Past councils could have done the same thing, and the street paving, and repairs would not have piled up.

I may be all wrong about past councils, but how do street maintenance needs pile-up if not by neglect? Trump says we have the best economy in the history of the country, so a small tax hike shouldn’t hurt too much.

And speaking of Trump, conservative columnist Michael Gerson recently wrote: “Trump is a threat to religious freedom,” and he further stated that “Trump is an anti-Muslim bigot.” But the pious hypocrite son of Billy Graham, Franklin, said that the “stuff” about Trump paying off prostitutes was just that, “stuff.”


Religious beliefs have gone to the dogs.

But White House lawyer until recently, Don McGahn, said that Trump would ask him to do crazy s**t. And McGhan added: “The Mueller Report as presented to Congress was enough to conclude Trump obstructed justice.”

And ultra conservative and Fox-News legal expert, Judge Andrew Napolitano, said that from reading the Mueller Report that was not all redacted, he could only conclude that Trump committed obstruction.

Christian principles? Surely, you jest.

Franklin Graham’s shrugging off Trump’s cavorting with prostitutes, and he’s married, is not presidential, nor is it befitting of a country some say was founded on Christianity.

Well, George Washington’s Treaty of Tripoli, passed unanimously by the Senate, contains language stating that the “United States is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion.” – Timothy Egan, The New York Times.

Dear Sarah Sanders, your boss is not there by divine will, he is there compliments of Vladimir Putin.

Jesus’ mandate to his followers was to treat the sick, the hungry, the poor, the imprisoned as they would treat him.

And in my opinion, some Bible thumpers ignore their own Jesus’ mandate for a dangerous buffoon in the Oval office who, according to the Washington Post is now over 10,000 lies, or misstatements, and makes war on children.

We have a fully secular Constitution, but some Bible thumpers give it no credit, ignoring the fact that their freedom too, comes from it, and not from an aloof God “who cannot stand to look at sin.”

Bible thumpers in the Devotional page want us to live in the ancient past when the people were superstitious, and easy prey to their own fears of God, egged on by so-called prophets, who like Texas Republican Legislature took advantage of the people’s natural beliefs, to make themselves sound like messengers of a God “who cannot stand to look at sin.”

Only Republican legislators are worse than the prophets because they keep trying to make this country forget the First Amendment, and make us all Bible thumpers. They want to do crazy poop too.

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