Texas COVID-19 cases

Texas COVID-19 cases

San Felipe Del Rio Consolidated Independent School District remains hopeful a group of students will contribute to limiting the spread of coronavirus or COVID-19, after the group returned from a trip in Europe that raised alarms right after U.S. President Donald Trump declared travel restrictions starting Friday.

The school district is hopeful everyone’s efforts, local and at the state level, are contributing to limiting the spread of the virus after informing every student and their parents of the need to self-quarantine, San Felipe Del Rio CISD Public Information Officer Rene “Reno” Luna said.

According to Luna, the school district is hopeful the students will heed its message to self-quarantine.

The students and chaperones landed at the San Antonio International Airport on Monday night, after flying out from Madrid, Spain and making a stop at Miami, Florida for quarantine procedure.

“A letter was either emailed or hand delivered to the home of each of our students that traveled to Europe; and a follow-up phone call was made this morning (Tuesday) to ensure that parents checked their mailboxes and or emails,” Luna said.

“Additionally, the Texas Department of State Health Services has asked us for a list of all students who traveled to Europe; and they committed to check in with these students on a daily basis,” Luna said.

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Carlos Rios previously recommended students and staff that visited high risk areas during the holidays to self-quarantine, during a special meeting for San Felipe Del Rio CISD Board of Trustees on Saturday morning.

The travel restrictions affect foreigners flying into the United States from 26 countries within the European Union. The ban does not prohibit entrance to American citizens, according to the White House, and travelers have to undergo a quarantine process.

The school district announced classes were suspended from Mar. 16-27, and addressed parents needed to keep their children away from public and crowded places as the dilemma with the virus continued.

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Rosie Molano Blount here: I read your story BUT I have to say I do not feel comforted. I want to ask who are these selfish people so I can avoid them but that would only feed my fear. Still I don't feel confiident that these people will self quarantine.


I completely agree with the previous comment! How dare you bring these kids home without being tested. You have money to send your kids off, yet you couldn’t keep take them for testing at no cost? You’re only sharing your selfishness with others!

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