William Clyde Adams

William Clyde Adams

A man with an active warrant was found by Del Rio police officers responding to a burglary in progress call Feb. 11, at the 900 block of Avenue D.

William Clyde Adams, 31, was arrested and charged with resisting arrest and failure to identify on top of the charges he was previously facing.

Court records show Adams allegedly failed to identify himself and or gave false or fictitious name after being contacted by law enforcement officers.

According to documents filed with the magistrate’s office, on Feb. 11 a Del Rio Police Department officer was dispatched to the 900 block Avenue D in reference to a burglary in progress. While officers were en route radio dispatch advised a man was attempting to enter a location through the front porch window.

Upon arrival, documents state, a police officer saw a man wearing a brown long sleeve and blue jeans by the front door.

The police officer saw the man moving quickly inside the residence.

The man, according to a probable cause affidavit, refused to identify himself because he was doing a window repair.

The suspect was again asked to identify himself by the police officer, and this time he provided a name as Mark Adams Watts, 29 years of age.

Dispatch advised the officer they could not locate any forms of identification for the man.

An assisting officer then recognized the suspect from a previous investigation at the 300 block of Hogan Drive.

The officers requested a warrants check on William Clyde Adams. Radio communications was then able to identify William Clyde Adams and advised the police officers Adams had an active warrant with Val Verde County for two counts of injury to a child.

When the police officer advised the suspect he was going to be detained and intended to place Adams in handcuffs, the man started to resist. Court records state the officer used necessary force to complete Adams’ arrest.

Adams was transported to Val Verde County Jail GEO corrections facility for processing. Justice of the Peace Jim Bob Barrera set Adams’ bond at $1,800.

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