Gene Chapman

Gene Chapman

Democrats want to abolish the Electoral College so the Republicans would never again win the Presidency. They only need New York, California, Massachusetts, and Chicago, and you unlearned country hicks can go to hell.

They could do away with due process, and make one guilty until proven innocent. There would be no more Kavanaghs’ or Thomas’s on the Supreme Court. Then we wouldn’t need to worry about stupid legislators from Texas. We could have the Supreme Court give us everything we want for control.

Republicans want to keep America as founded, always fear mongering honoring our Constitution as written, while Democrats think it’s a living document to repeal the Second Amendment even if Chicago is the murder capital of the world with the strictest gun laws in America.

Republicans stand for the national anthem, but Democrats have a right to kneel. They are the party of equality so much so that Women “never lie,” and Republican men “seldom tell the truth.”

All Republicans are born racist, no proof needed. Just look at Trump. Democrats have the same message for minorities they have for women. You’re a victim and you are useful to us as voters.

If you don’t you are a stupid, simple, rich, selfish Republican, likely avoiding all the taxes legally possible just like Trump. Democrats always believe one should look forward, never backward, that way they can reject the greatness of capitalism for the never failing starvation mediocrity of socialism.

After all, the Democrats are the party of common people, the poor, the marginalized, the weak, the defenseless, we promise free stuff, while Republicans promise opportunities in freedom. That’s why young people love us, our goal is to make the government work for you, so you don’t have to work.

Republicans want merit immigration. They don’t want drug dealing gangsters, or human sex trafficking. Democrats are good folks, accepting them as the natural consequences of opening our borders, driving down wages for the less educated, and ensuring their next elections.

Republicans want to take away your right to have your baby decapitated inside your womb, or allow the blob to die peacefully, well sedated after birth. Democrats celebrate your right to violently murder your child because they are compassionate.

Women are powerful, independent, helpless victims of male patronization requiring government intervention to succeed. Any woman who disagrees with us on this is a self-hating, stupid Republican Bimbo!

Democrats are the party of love, inclusion, acceptance, peace, and good will. Republicans only care about record unemployment, the economy and a strong military, a gaggle of hateful racist, often pushing religion. We reject their bigotry!

Religious people are idiots, and Democrats would rather have you sacrifice yourselves upon the altar of progressivism. As the party of empathy, we are just better than everyone else. That’s why we spend so much time telling you that you are not only wrong, you are a bad person.

We still haven’t figured out how Hillary lost the last election, but we are confident that using censorship and media manipulation we will soon get our way. Why? Because we care so much, we will just wear you down.

That’s real love, so just shut up and vote. Nobody cares if Hillary wiped her computer clean, like with a cloth or something. Republicans are so stupid they don’t even recognize the five genders.

They want nuclear war, no social security or free medicine, children starving, polar ice in 10 years, and hurricanes. We have to hurry and find something to impeach him for and soon.

The middle class is growing and there are too many jobs out there for the stupid people. Black patriot Candace Owens is telling people that America isn’t racist, and the people might soon learn that the Democrats care more about illegals than struggling Americans with real dreams of moving on up.

Gene Chapman grew up on a farm in Arkansas but has lived on the Texas border for many years. He is a former chairman of the Val Verde County Republican Party.

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