Sitting in front of the television watching CNN is like sitting in front of a large front-load washing machine at the laundry-mat. Neither is fun to watch, both are routinely predictable and methodically mundane.

The CNN brainwashing machine has three levels of scrubbing the news.

The small load is the news ticker scrolling text along the bottom of the screen of headlines occurring off camera.

The medium load is the three-minute segment made up of mostly sound bites fitting the leftist narrative and commentary by the so-called news-reporters but in reality opinion commentators.

The large load are the town hall meetings and the documentaries that always feature the leftist agenda extolling the extremists’ emotionalism meant to convey and convince with feelings and not with facts. Facts are to be forgotten and replaced with feelings which are always front and center meant to passionately persuade, always to set the tone of the conversation which is always loud, louder and the loudest.

The CNN brainwashing machine has only two settings of water temperature: cold as ice and hot as fire. Everything that is broadcast is on the extreme, set to freeze our brain or fry our brain. Brain freeze numbs common sense and fried brain is burnt-out.

The CNN brainwashing machine has two speed cycles: Delicate, for the sensitive snowflakes who can’t handle the facts or the truth so they have to be gently but continuously filled with palatable pabulum and Heavy Duty for the hard-core leftists who desire to be always irritatingly inflamed and agitatedly angry.

The dirty laundry is soaked in leftist rhetoric, the ultra-super cleaning cycle scrubs out all the facts, the objective reporting is bleached out, the stuff that doesn’t’ fit the leftist narrative is rinsed out and the news is spun.

Most public places are now filled with wall-to-wall screens blaring and spewing the notorious Conspiracies Not News (CNN) propaganda brought to the unsuspecting public by the National Democratic Party.

We naively think we’re receiving objective news, when in reality we’re getting subjective commentary.

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