Once there was a little girl who always wore her little red hoodie when she went out bike riding, so everyone called her Little Red Riding Hoodie.

One morning, Little Red Riding Hoodie asked her mother if she could go to visit her big brother.

“That’s a wonderful idea,” her mother replied. So together they filled a backpack full of goodies.

A few minutes later, Little Red Riding Hoodie knocked on her big brother’s door.

When Little Red Riding Hoodie saw her big brother she could scarcely recognize him.

“But big brother, what big ears you have!” asserted Little Red Riding Hoodie.

“The better to hear all the conversations you have.”

“But big brother, what big eyes you have!” declared Little Red Riding Hoodie.

“The better to see everything you do.”

“But big brother, what a big grin you have,” exclaimed Little Red Riding Hoodie.

“The better to fool you into thinking I’m genuinely sincere and truly care about you.”

Almost too late, Little Red Riding Hoodie realized that he was not the big brother she once knew and loved, instead he had become a radicalized socialist.

She ran through the door, shouting: “Help! A socialist!” as loud as she could.

A freedom-loving constitutional conservative heard her cry and ran towards the apartment as fast as he could.

He ran the socialist out-of-town, never to return. Poor Little Red Riding Hoodie was a bit frazzled by the entire experience, but fortunately still all in one piece. “Oh, thank you Sir, for saving me from the socialist, I was so scared!”

“There, there, you’ve learned an important lesson. Thank goodness you kept your wits about you and shouted loud enough for me to hear you!”

The freedom-loving constitutional conservative was glad to help.

Thankfully, the socialist wouldn’t be bothering innocent and vulnerable people ever again.

Little Red Riding Hoodie, her mother and the heroic freedom-loving constitutional conservative had a delicious lunch and a long chat about how to help others from believing radicalized socialists and losing all their freedoms.

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