Luis Rosas

Luis Rosas

There is no question that the Iranian general wiped out by a U.S. drone was a sneaky murder czar who made it his hobby to kill Americans, and its good riddance.

Iraq and Iran governments have always been at each other’s throats, and not too long ago they had a major war where hundreds of thousands from both sides died.

The Iraqi government today is supposedly allied with the U.S. So why were they allowing Gral. Soleimani to operate in Iraq? Probably because the Iraqi government is one chicken roosting in the so-called “Green Zone” protected by a greatly reduced U.S. force. And probably because Iraqis don’t like their government allowing Americans in Iraq.

They go crazy even when a killer like Soleimani gets bombed by the U.S.

In my opinion, the whole Middle East region is looney tunes. And one side has two prophets, and the other side has one prophet, and both sides pray to the same God for help to kill the other side.

In America, the congressional Republicans have one prophet too, and his name is Donald Trump.

And they gave him great homage for the killing of Soleimani. But it does not take away the impeached president blot.

But it is surprising that Trump, for once, listened to the intelligence people. And the other side is not speaking out against the killing of Soleimani. They agree he needed it.

But they wonder about Trump, who during his candidacy for president criticized Hillary for signing on to the invasion of Iraq to get rid of another killer, Saddam Hussein. And he said then he would take the U.S. out of Iraq. Today he is adding 3,000 more U.S. troops to those already there from Kuwait. What a fickle here the Republicans in Congress have. But they are willing to overlook his ignorance of the Constitution.

But back to the Middle East and how Christianity got involved there: Close to the year 1100, Pope Urban practically said: “Let’s go kick the crap out of the Muslims and take back the Holy Land!” And the Christian crusaders got started. And they lost their butt. And today’s Muslims in the Middle East say death to America.

The Pope in 2006 said: “we need more religious fervor.” The world is mad but very religious. The Bible thumpers on the devotional page won’t admit that the ancient Bible prophets were mad too, in particular St. John in Revelations.

How are we safer? There was no, nor is there now, any evidence of plots for attacks to the American homeland, yet the general from Central Command in Florida said on TV there is still a lot of danger from the extremist in Muslim society. You know, the ones who cheerfully die for Allah and bomb friend and foe alike to kingdom come. Friend and foe? Hmm, I wonder if Pope Urban consulted the Jews before his rants of “let’s go kick Muslim butt and take back Jerusalem?” Probably not. Just like Donald Trump not consulting the U.S. Congress before dropping a bomb on Soleimani.

Presidents for the past few decades have been doing things that are not solely for them to do alone, and congresses have, depending on the president’s party affiliation, been going along with it, but the Constitution does not allow any president to act loose as a goose, in particular when it comes to acts of war.

Trump knowing full well his supporters will accept anything he tells them; said about his killing of Soleimani that it was not meant to start a war. But did Pope Urban Trump consult the Iranians? Of course not. And the Iranian ambassador to the United Nations said in an interview with CNN: An act of war brings on an act of war.

This country had better get back to the Constitution, we are becoming a dictatorship, sometimes Republican, sometimes Democrat, but a dictatorship.

Sure, there are winners and losers, but it should never be about winner take all in politics.

Trump is about himself and his family, and the Republicans are going along with him on anything he does or wants to do. But a miracle just happened, the Congress just passed a Trump veto-proof bill having to do with Civil Rights in China, which Trump doesn’t want to say anything about.

Luis Rosas is a guest columnist and his column appears in the News-Herald every Tuesday. The News-Herald does not endorse the opinion of guest columnists. The opinions expressed in this commentary are the columnist’s own.

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