Jesse Romero

Jesse Romero

Spring Break is synonymous with going wild, but not everything happening this week is going to be crazy. For some it is a time of observation leading up to Easter Sunday and starting tomorrow a special guest will provide powerful words to churchgoers.

Jesse Romero will be a guest speaker at Our Lady of Guadalupe, Sacred Heart, and St. Joseph’s churches for the Lenten Parish Mission. He will be in attendance from March 12-14 from 6:45-8:45 p.m.

Romero is a Catholic author, radio host, and Catholic lay evangelist. He is nationally acclaimed for his dynamic, upbeat Christ centered preaching and has been preaching since 1995, according to his online biography.

Romero is a resident of Arizona and a retired Los Angeles Deputy Sheriff who has been married to his wife Anita since 1983, and is a parent of three children and grandchildren.

During his years as a Deputy Sheriff, Romero experienced the dark side of society everyday; yet he saw the evidence of God’s work in some of the most unexpected places, according to a press release. He has a B.A. in Liberal Arts from Mount St. Mary’s University in Los Angeles and an M.A. in Catholic Theology from Franciscan University in Steubenville, Ohio.

Romero was the recipient of the 19th annual Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen Award, The Fullness of Truth “Defender of Faith” Award, and inducted into the Catholic Sports Faith Hall of Fame for excellence in sports and faith, according to his website.

Romero’s messages are considered down-to-earth, orthodox and delivered with an energy and conviction that has become his trademark. He speaks with a sense of urgency on Christ-centered Catholicism at conferences, on the radio and in the media.

Romero has been on Catholic radio for over 12 years now hosting, teaching, and speaking in English and Spanish. Currently he can be found on The Terry and Jesse Show, En Familia Radio, and occasionally co-hosts on “Chips N Salsa.”

Romero has an online blog available on his website for anyone to view, and showcases his ideals by answering questions from the public and at other times reflecting on current happenings within the church.

Romero focuses on all things Catholic such as Catholic Evangelization, Apologetics, Culture Wars, Male Spirituality, and Spiritual Warfare to name a few. He goes by the motto “Love God, Save Souls, and Slay Error!”

“I am a straight shooter; I shoot straight for the heart. I have conviction, passion and I give straight talk, no-nonsense, no-spin, blue-collar, bible-centered, Holy Spirit fire brand Catholicism,” Romero said.

Romero’s speeches will focus on prayer, enemies of the soul, and a how-to for dummies. It is an event for parish goers not to miss, for Romero is a highly sought lay speaker in the Catholic Church, having preached in over 1,000 Catholic Church pulpits in the last couple of years.

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