A Del Rio man was recently arrested and charged with burglary of a vehicle and escaping while arrested, after he was spotted breaking into a vehicle in the city’s north side, police records state.

Christian Gabriel Soriano, 20, whose place of residence is listed at the 500 block of West 15th Street, was arrested on Oct. 25, at 7:55 a.m. at the 100 block of Trey Drive, and charged with burglary of a vehicle, a Class A misdemeanor, and with escaping while arrested, a third degree felony, police records show,

According to police records, Del Rio police was dispatched to the aforementioned address in reference to a man breaking into a vehicle. Upon arrival a police officer made contact with the complainant, who had been arguing with Soriano.

The complainant said he woke up and heard his truck’s alarm going off, he looked outside the window and saw the passenger door open and the dome light turned on, the arrest report states.

The man stated he went outside and saw a known man getting out of the vehicle and starting to walk away, the report states.

The officer found multiple items in Soriano’s sweater, he was arrested and transported to the police station, the report states.

Upon arrival to the police station, the officer got Soriano out of the police unit and was going to take him inside, when the officer opened the door to the building Soriano began to run away, toward the south entrance, the officer ran after the suspect and brought him back to the station, the report states.

Burglary is a Class A misdemeanor punishable with up to one year incarceration and up to $4,000 fine, while escaping while arrested is considered a third degree felony, an offense punishable in Texas with 2-10 years incarceration and fine up to $10,000.