Luis Rosas

Luis Rosas

Deny, deny, deny.

That was the strategy employed by the Trumpian Praetorian Guard gang of legal beagles, not eagles who knowing the outcome beforehand, put on a show in the Republican Senate for Trump in the White House.

Emperor Trump has clothes, but he has no shame, and no dignity, but he has a big mouth, and there will be no end to his bragging now. And who knows what else. It was recently discovered that he has been helping autocrats like himself. And he has Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and wife to thank.

But that’s the way it’s always been for Trump.

He is not a self-made man.

For example, he was born with the proverbial silver spoon in his mouth. And the story is that as a young man, daddy gave him or loaned him $25 million. That is a tidy sum, and no matter how dumb the recipient is, that money gives you the ability to invest in a venture or two and not run out of money before you succeed.

In Trump’s case, it was investing in real-estate properties to rent, and resale. If he got his start with a loan from his father, Trump never paid it back.

Mitch McConnell, according to a leak, got on the phone with Trump to lay out the plan for the shutdown of the impeachment trial in the Senate with no witnesses. That’s what they do in Mexico, and in Central America governments.

While Trump and Moscow Mitch were on the phone planning a dastardly trick on the American people, two different polls were saying that 75% of Americans wanted to hear more evidence in the Senate.

Republican Senator Lamar Alexander put out a statement to say that Trump was wrong to invite a foreign government to investigate U.S. citizens (Joe and Hunter Biden), but he would vote against witnesses in the Senate and let the American people decide.

Mr. Alexander is out of touch with the American people! Seventy-five percent wanted more evidence which Mitch refused to show, and 51% want the shady character in the White House removed from office.

How do you like those apples, baby?

Still feel like defending the cattle rustler in the White House?

And the not-so-great Republican senator from the melting icebox we know as Alaska putting on a show of defiance to Trump’s stance against witnesses in the Senate turned out to be just that. She voted against witnesses when it came time for the real show.

Congressional Republicans are not blue bloods, they are cringing hearts deep in perfidy, cowering before Trump.

It is hard to understand Trump’s power over millions of American voters (45%) that makes veteran Republican senators quake in their senate seats such as Marco Rubio, who recognizes Trump “did something wrong” but not enough for removal from office.


What does he have to do? Go out and shoot a Democrat on Pennsylvania Avenue? Of course, that’s just a Democrat would say Republicans like Rubio.

Impeachment is a terrible thing to behold say Republicans, but they acted like impeaching Bill Clinton was a wonderful thing.

Clinton was impeached for lying about consensual sex in the Oval Office, while Trump’s alleged crime is taking this country down a road which it’s never been on before. It’s a road paved with lies and danger. The danger comes when the majority of the American people (51%) quit believing in their president.

There is a Falcon who is a candidate for District 74 in Texas, and says he is “a local control hawk.” A hawk or a falcon; what’s the difference? They both prey of defenseless creatures like mice and rabbits. Mr. Falcon is a Republican, and Republicans throw the poor and old people over the cliff.

Buzzard City Council Member Rowland Garza is a Democrat, and also a candidate for Texas 74. He says public schools are not paying teachers enough. He ought to know; his father was a teacher.

And Republican legislators don’t like public schools. They want to privatize everything.

Republicans don’t want to educate everybody. They would lose their stash of low-wage workers.

Some Democrats are that way too.

Luis Rosas is a guest columnist and his column appears in the News-Herald every Tuesday. The News-Herald does not endorse the opinion of guest columnists. The opinions expressed in this commentary are the columnist’s own.

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