As comedian Gilda Radner, playing Emily Litella, would famously say in her Editorial Reply on the news segment of Saturday Night Live (SNL) when she was gently corrected for her innocent and inadvertent misinterpretations: “Oh, that’s different. Never mind!” 

Two news organizations: Agence France-Presse (AFP) and Reuters briefly posted a report that a United Nations study found that the United States had “the world’s highest rate of children in detention.” Well of course; this would definitely add irrefutable credence that President Trump was indeed a hideous, horrible, child-caging monster for having detained so many little children at the US-Mexico border.

Faster-than-a-speeding-bullet the news story was zapped. Why you may ask was such a news-worthy story so suddenly deleted and demolished, never to be seen or heard about again?

Well, as it so inconveniently turns out the United Nations data was from 2015 when “the United States had some 100,000 children in migrant-related detention,” and who so happened to be the President? Not Trump, but Obama, and of course, President Obama is always portrayed as being caring and compassionate and the main stream media will never allow anything that could possibly distort his perfectly pristine legacy. And so the story was swiftly retracted and removed.

When this damaging data was thought to be attributed to President Trump then by all means run with the story, but when it occurred during President Obama’s tenure, then, “Oh, that’s different. Never mind!”

The Democrats were all so seemingly upset and uproarious about the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency sting operation where “foreign-born students had enrolled in a fake university in order to maintain their student visa status.”

The Democrat Party hates President Trump, they hate ICE; they hate all law enforcement for enforcing the law-of-the-land. And whatever the Democrat Party hates, the liberal media also hates and no evidence to the contrary is admissible.

Upon further research it was discovered that the Obama Administration had created the fake university and had conducted a similar sting operation. “Oh, that’s different. Never mind!”

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