Emerald Pools Sector

A view overlooking the Emerald Pools Sector at Continental Ranch, one of the areas climbers participating in the fourth Continental Ranch Round-Up this weekend will visit.

Val Verde County’s Continental Ranch will play host to the fourth Continental Ranch Round-up Friday through Monday, an event expected to draw climbers from across Texas.

Climbers will begin arriving Friday afternoon at the Continental Ranch, a privately-owned property on the banks of the Pecos River about 15 miles northwest of Comstock, Texas, Brian Deitch, chair of the Austin chapter of the American Alpine Club, said Wednesday.

“The American Alpine Club is a national organization that is America’s oldest climbing organization, which advocates for climbing around the country. For the Continental Ranch Round-Up, we partnered with The Access Fund, whose mission is to protect access for climbing,” Deitch said.

The Continental Ranch Round-Up is a semi-annual climbing festival will be the fourth such event held on the ranch.

“The majority of land in Texas is privately-owned, so getting access to locations like this, with tall, beautiful cliffs and gorgeous landscapes surrounding them is a unique opportunity,” Deitch said.

He added the cliffs along the Pecos River on the Continental Ranch property are considered some of the best limestone for climbing in the state.

Deitch said an estimated 30 to 40 climbers are expected to attend the round-up.

“This event is really a celebration of climbing. There will be giveaways of climbing equipment and other items provided by sponsors and vendors, but really the focus is to bring the Texas climbing community together and connect in a unique place,” he said.

Climbers will check in at the ranch Friday and typically stay until noon on Monday. Deitch said climbers who attend the event are typically those with some outdoor climbing experience. Less-experienced climbers should always come with a guide, Deitch added.

The next climbing event at the ranch is scheduled for Jan. 17 through Jan. 20, 2020, Deitch said.

For more information, visit continentalranchroundup.com

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