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VVRMC Board of Directors President Raul Alatorre, left, and Hope Cancer Resource Room Navigator Stacey Covarrubias, second from left, accept a check for $900 from members of the MBM Radio team, from left Javier Calderon, Emilio Galindo and Rowland Garza.

Members of the MBM Radio team in Del Rio on Friday donated $900 to Val Verde Regional Medical Center’s Hope Cancer Resource Room.

The funds were raised during the 2nd Annual MBM Radio Del Rio BBQ Smoke-Off, which was held in November 2018.

MBM Radio General Manager Javier Calderon, MBM Radio Program Director Emilio Galindo and MBM Radio Sales Manager Rowland Garza presented the check to Stacey Covarrubias, cancer navigator for the VVRMC Hope Cancer Resource Room, and Raul Alatorre, president of the VVRMC elected board of directors, at the cancer resource room.

“On behalf of the hospital district, we really appreciate this. I think it means a lot to the community. That’s one thing we’re trying to do, is focus on our people. This is going to help, and it’s going to touch a lot of hearts, and I appreciate it,” said Alatorre.

Calderon noted the barbecue cook-off event was organized specifically to raise funds for and awareness of the VVRMC Hope Cancer Resource Room.

It was a cause, he said, that hit close to home.

“I am a cancer survivor, and I know how much a little support, whatever it is, how far that can go, so I knew this was something right and something we should strive for,” Calderon said.

Galindo said MBM Radio is hoping the event will become an annual one.

“We’re already working on the third annual cook-off, and there will be an announcement coming out pretty soon. We’re trying to make this a really big event, so that we can continue raising funds and awareness for the cancer resource room,” he added.

“We’d like to thank all of our sponsors and the people who helped us organize this, and we’d also like to thank the hospital and cancer resource room for allowing us to work this partnership with them,” Galindo added.

Covarrubias said all the money donated to the cancer resource room goes to local patients.

“Every amount that we get is helpful, because we do have our gas card program, and that’s where most of our money goes. The program is for patients who have to travel. They come in and get a gas card and that’ll get them to San Antonio, San Angelo, Uvalde, wherever they’re going to get their treatment and back,” Covarrubias said.

Anyone wishing to donate to the cancer resource room can visit the hospital’s web site at www.vvrmc.org and click on services and cancer resources and fill out the donation form or visit the resource room at the hospital.

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