A woman wrote a letter to the editor titled “Run, Red, Run.” It is a folktale parody promoting the policy of running people out of town for expressing certain opinions. In a move irreconcilable with his “freedom-loving” philosophy, the “constitutional conservative” hero summarily expels the villain from the community for being a socialist.

Many letters by the same author show that she often complains of socialists, leftists, Democrats, secularists, feminists, and liberals. They are all the same to her and deserving of exile.

Before the parody, she wrote a letter titled “Lockstep Leftists.” Here are some of the insults directed at so-called lockstep leftists.

“They say ‘poof, poof’ to freedom of speech ...”

“They want to live in their make-believe world of flights of fantasy where everything is to their liking, no one dares disagree with them or their oh-so sensitive feelings are hurt and they seek retribution …”

“The hard, cruel world is not to their liking ...”

“Not-thinking-for-themselves only Group-think allowed ...”

“Everyone must bend to their ‘likes’ or they will ‘de-friend’ them ...”

The insults are laughable when you consider her parody is a fantasy in which everything turns out exactly to her liking with “only group-think allowed.” Running someone out of town for their political views is retribution and a prime example of saying “poof, poof to freedom of speech.”

I think removing a Facebook friend is less harsh than the author’s preference for running people out of town. Apparently, losing a Facebook friend hurts her “sensitive feelings,” and the “hard, cruel world” of Facebook is not to her liking.

I notice a striking resemblance between her and her inaccurate caricature of leftists. Sadly, she projects onto all leftists traits that are so obviously her own. Physician, heal thyself.

I would not want anyone to run her out of town, but it would not hurt to give her a copy of the Constitution to read.

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