Family, Career and Community Leaders of America, also known as FCCLA, members Lauren Alvarado, Dora Estrada, Isaias Garcia, Sydney Gallegos, Madison Perkins, Rebekah Chavez and Carolina Sanchez hold up the proclamation they received from City of Del Rio Mayor Bruno “Ralphy” Lozano. The members thanked the mayor for his continued support of the organization.

The Del Rio High School’s Family, Career and Community Leaders of America program, also known as FCCLA, was honored by City of Del Rio council members with a proclamation during a regular council meeting held Tuesday night.

FCCLA celebrates 75 years of leadership, and Mayor Bruno Lozano recognized the organization as unique “as its programs are planned and run by members,” Lozano said.

To commemorate the occasion, FCCLA student Madison Perkins called the city council meeting to order. Lozano presented the proclamation to the FCCLA members present and declared Feb. 9-14 as FCCLA week.

“I thought it was really neat that we got a proclamation declaring Feb. 9-14 FCCLA week for our 75th anniversary. FCCLA is a great organization and something its members are very passionate about, and now we get to share a week of FCCLA with the community,” FCCLA member Rebekah Chavez said.

The organization is thankful for constant support “It was really special getting recognized for something we are so passionate about

“Everything that we do, is through them … These are their ideas, their efforts that they used to promote education, literacy, community, family, careers; they do it all themselves,” FCCLA advisor Linda Corbell said.

FCCLA has been honored at the national level for the work they have done, Corbell said.

“On behalf of all of those that support these kids, I thank you for making FCCLA week in Del Rio,” Corbell said

Lozano said the organization is active in the community.

“We want to foster, on behalf of the mayor and city council, foster your future careers and become future leaders of our community,” he said.

FCCLA is a part of the Family and Consumer Science program of the Career and Technical Education department, under the direction of Career and Technical Education Director Roger Gonzalez.

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