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Signs of summer heat begin to draw closer, as the city of Del Rio experienced a record high temperature on Tuesday, a local meteorologist said.

Del Rio Airport recorded a high temperature of 108 degrees Fahrenheit on Tuesday, a record that tied for the second hottest high temperature on record in Del Rio for the month of May, according to STWX Strategic Weather Consulting meteorologist Dan Schreiber.

Schreiber added the record was one degree short of being recorded as an all-time high record for the month of May. The all-time high record was set on May 24, 2000 with a temperature of 109 degrees Fahrenheit.

“Tuesday is also the earliest day that 108 degrees Fahrenheit has ever been recorded in Del Rio.  Of course, putting it in perspective, Del Rio did hit 107 degrees Fahrenheit on April 10th of last year,” Schreiber said.

Schreiber added while the city is not in a “true, steady summer pattern yet” there are hints of it taking place, and noted the city has had six days of 100-plus degrees Fahrenheit temperatures this month.

Nine days of 100-plus degrees Fahrenheit were recorded as a maximum for the month of May in 1953 and 2003, Schreiber said.

Schreiber explained Tuesday’s high temperature was mostly due to an atmospheric pattern feature known as an “Omega Block.”

An Omega Block is basically a sharp high pressure system situated between two low pressure systems to the east and west, taking the shape of the Greek letter omega on weather maps. 

“High pressure over the Southern Plains in the summer is typical, and that’s what helps cause the scorching temperatures because it allows the air to dry out and keeps cloud cover to a minimum. This year, that pattern has come a bit early, but we are also still experiencing some springtime-like conditions off-and-on, especially with the thunderstorm activity,” Schreiber said.

One thing Schreiber noticed this month was the lack of strong winds aloft in Del Rio, something that is usually an issue this time of year.

“We saw this in April, but not so much in May, which does seem to indicate that a summer weather pattern is taking over a bit earlier than usual,” Schreiber said.

Schreiber added there is some discussion about an active hurricane season this year because of the warmer temperatures, especially the ocean water temperatures, and the first name storm of this year already made an appearance, even though it’s not officially hurricane season yet.

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