A Del Rio woman pleaded true to the violations and was sentenced to five years in a Texas Department of Criminal Justice facility, after being charged with assault with a deadly weapon. By taking the plea agreement she admitted to hitting another woman with a vehicle.

Kayli Amber Law, 24, was sentenced in the 83rd Judicial District Court, presided by Judge Robert E. Cadena, on Sept. 23. She was charged with assault with a deadly weapon-motor vehicle, a third degree felony.

The charges stem from an incident occurring on March 7, 2015, at about 3:42 p.m. at the HEB parking lot, 200 Veterans Blvd.

Del Rio Police Department officers responded to investigate a motor vehicle accident.

Cpl. Rick Roman responded to call to assist Senior Officer Valentin Martinez. As officers arrived they searched the business to locate the accident. Cpl. Roman located an older model Chevy Caprice stationary near the intersection of Avenue D and East Second Street, court documents state.

The Chevy Caprice was parked in the roadway as if it had been in an accident, the documents state.

Roman was a block away when he noticed a woman waving her arms hysterically. The woman was later identified as Jeanette Vasquez. She was yelling at Law, who was sitting in the driver side of the Chevy Caprice, records state.

When Roman made contact with Vasquez, she was still upset and frantic. Roman asked what had happened and if anyone was injured. Vasquez was breathing heavily and was not answering Roman’s questions as if she was too agitated to speak, records state.

Back in the parking lot the victim, who was approximately 27 weeks pregnant, complained of pain to her right foot as a result of being struck by the vehicle, according to the incident report.

Witnesses stated Law continued driving away before a passenger of the vehicle which Law was driving, reached over to pull the keys out of the ignition, the report states.

Vasquez told officers Law had hit someone and pointed towards HEB’s north side parking when she handed Roman some keys.

Shortly after, Sgt. Wesley Wilson arrived on scene with Roman. Roman asked Vasquez to sit down in Roman’s police unit. So that she could calm down and catch her breath, records state.

Roman asked Law what happened, and Law said she didn’t mean it, that she wasn’t trying to hit her. Roman asked Law, who she was talking about but Law remained silent as if she didn’t want to speak to Roman, records state.

Sgt. Wilson who was speaking with Vasquez informed Roman the incident may not be a vehicle accident but an assault case, records state.

After hearing that this was in fact an assault case, Roman placed Law under arrest, charging her with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and transported her to the police department for booking, records state.

While Roman was booking Law, he allowed her to use the phone to call family and informed them that she was being arrested, records state. While Law was on the phone she openly stated that she wasn’t trying to hit her, she was mad at him for cheating on her, records state.

The case was prosecuted by 63rd District Attorney Michael Bagley and by Second District Attorney Alex Garver.

“We want to recognize all the law enforcement officers involved in this case. My office feels that the community of Del Rio has been served with this sentence, we take assault cases very seriously,” Bagley said.

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