Gene Chapman

Gene Chapman

Trump should be silent and let the four Socialist crazies of Apocalypse destroy the Democrat party. If it were my decision, I would let the squad destroy themselves, hating everything that made America great – Christian free-market capitalism.

But maybe criticizing women of color for really, really changing America is no longer too bad Trump? While Pelosi, at a minimum, knew that embracing the hate America “Squad” was a trip to the minority, but she couldn’t resist fanatically supporting anything to poke Trump in the eye.

While Trump is New York brassy, he is right at home with the Duck Dynasty red neck Robertsons, living up to the higher principles of our Christian founding. He starts cabinet meetings, setting policy with a prayer, as the Robertsons do with meals.

The last cabinet meeting featured my hero, Ben Carson, Secretary of Housing. You can watch it by googling C-Span cabinet meeting of July 16. Scott Turner, a Carson executive, excitedly talked of a grassroots spirit revival with jobs, home ownership, opportunities where police once feared to enter. He excitedly said Trump was the best president ever for the Black community.

Yet the Democrat Congress spent a whole day deriding Trump as the racist president of all. Nancy Pelosi was the last speaker to drive the final nail in his coffin, ending with racism to the extremes.

Republican Collins demanded her words be taken down. Pelosi responded that they were approved prior to her speech by the Congressional Ethics director. Collins insisted, and the Ethics Director was called upon to listen to Pelosi’s words, and make a determination if they met with congressional ethics demands.

The Democrats hovered around him, in emotional overdrive for near an hour before he made his decision. Democrat Congressman Cleaver from Missouri, a good guy, was so upset with all the confusion he put the gavel down saying “I am abandoning the chair.”

The number two Democrat assumed the chair and informed the disrupted Congress that Ethics agreed that Speaker Pelosi’s words merited to be taken down, removed as never said. My first thought was why did she say those words were pre-approved before she said them, wondering if it was a fib. The Democrats were so mad, they demanded a congressional vote being in the majority, and hours after it started, they unanimously voted to overrule the Ethics Director and put her words back on the record.

Trump actual tweet causing it all: “So interesting to see “progressive” Democrat congresswomen, who originally came from countries whose governments are a complete and total catastrophe, the worse, most corrupt, and inept anywhere in the world? (If they even have a functioning government at all) Now loudly and viciously telling the people of the United States, the greatest and most powerful nation on earth, how our government is to be run. Why can’t they go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came, then come back and show us how it’s done. These places need your help badly, you can’t leave fast enough. I’m sure Nancy Pelosi would be very happy to quickly work out the travel arraignments.”

What is racist about this tweet? They were not told to (GO Home) which is how the media is reporting it, but to go home and make a great country where they came from and then come back to help us be a better nation.

But for really making America great again, Trump can only be a racist because the Founders were mostly White?

Congresswomen Ilhan Abdullahi Omar, and Rashida Tlaib are two ungrateful radicals with third world ideologies.

America rescued them both, not for money or bribes, but because we are a kind, Christian nation. They call America names and shower us in contempt. Omar is charged with marrying her brother for citizenship?

They hate our way of life as the Democrat Party demands that we open our borders to all un-vetted immigrants from the world.

They blame America for the tragic condition of their origin, therefore they feel obligated to destroy our system of government? Ocasio-Cortez formed her opinions of America working as a barmaid, absorbing the drunken philosophies of loud mouth louts having zilch understanding of economic incentives.

Ayanna Pressly grew up in Massachusetts, and no excuse is needed for her advocating 16 year olds voting. One can only build loser nations with such hate-filled blame others arrogance.

If America understands that, and yesterday’s Mueller circus, we will survive.

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