Gene Chapman

Gene Chapman

The bickering never stops and it’s always Trump’s fault as our economy expands beyond the wildest expectations of Wall Street, with growing wages for the bottom rung because of more jobs than workers’ competition.

We have a Democrat Congress refusing to pass correcting immigration legislation curtailing the flow from Central South America, worth billions for the Mexican cartels smuggling illegal aliens in overwhelming numbers, creating diversions.

While the Border Patrol is changing diapers they are sneaking tons of killing drugs across the border. The Democrats are only interested in dry holes “we got him this time for sure” Trump hearings, knowing that the squeaky clean strait up new Attorney General Bill Barr is not interested in Deep State bribes from Hillary, or demeaning media headlines.

The media cry changed in unison to Trump racism last Sunday. I watched Chairman Elijah Cummings’ hearing on border sins. Chairman Cummings himself angrily attacked the Border Patrol head for allowing infants to sit in their own feces with Ocasio-Cortez standing by her “drinking out of the commode” falsehood.

When Congressman Chip Roy of Texas defended the Border Patrol aggressively with the truth, they attacked him viciously as a liar, and he wisely walked out. All day Sunday was “this is not Hitler’s Germany, its Trump’s America!” Trump is the new Bull Conner of racism, a bigot with no chance of redemption?

The Democrat problem: Trump’s Rasmussen approval with Blacks is at a staggeringly high 36 percent. In past times 90 percent of Blacks were dependable Democrat voters. Ben Carson at HUD has produced opportunities in the inner cities.

Trump is pardoning thousands of Blacks presented as cases of injustice with favorable prison records with Ivanka’s help. Hispanics in Florida are lining up with Trump, terrifying the Democrats.

They are not buying Democrat open borders, understanding it drives down wages. Trump’s approval ratings nationally among Hispanics in a new Harvard/Harris poll rose to a high of 47 percent, a 10 percent rise.

Could that be the reason the leftist media is going nuts on racism?

I long ago abandoned the secular media, working out of Berkeley’s pipe dreams, managing our Seattle interest, a thoroughly indoctrinated leftist city convinced that heartless capitalism was the cause of their abundant homeless population.

They never understood the incentives of open arms government welcoming them with goodies, making them the capital of homelessness. Voting left gave the citizens the right not to be involved. It’s the government’s job.

Nothing was ever their fault, all humanity deserved a daily pint of Strawberry Hill, or a preferred drug fix. Tough love was never on the agenda. They past the first $15 per hour minimum wage in foggy thinking, and so many businesses closed or moved to Texas where it was OK to make a profit, they had to rescind it to grow their tax base to pay the bills.

Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib, member of AOC’s squad, is introducing a $20 an hour federal minimum, so maybe soon Texas could be moving to Mexico? Never Oklahoma!

Milwaukee was near as bad. I could walk on the east side of North Avenue, but not the west side. A beat officer met me the day I arrived to give me the rules. I only wanted to love my employees, find the most dedicated, disciplined ones to make into company managers all across America. Some knew I loved them, attempted to break away from the mob, accepting my 1950s visions of providing for tomorrow with today’s productivity. My very best candidate, and assistant manager, threw in the towel, and I still have the bitter taste of failure in my mouth today from decades past.

This morning I understand why. My 1950s vision of America is only a distant memory. It’s no longer the America I once knew. An imperfect America in turmoil, correcting the wrongs of yesterday willingly, attempting to come together in a more perfect unity.

Today, born a sinner, forever a sinner. There is no redemption for Donald Trump who has driven down Black unemployment to record lows. Criminal justice reform, releasing thousands of Blacks considered wrongly incarcerated means nothing to the haters.

Opportunity zones in the ghetto is working, no longer sending billions, enriching inner city politicians with the problems unchanged, and they hate it. It can’t be fixed until truth wins big over politics. There was less hatred in the 1950s when I was happy making $2 a day chopping cotton, and government wasn’t God.

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