Jill Krause

Jill Krause, Meredith Walker and Laura Mayes help open, organize and dismantle shipping boxes from the packages donated by people across the country as part of their visit with the Val Verde Border Humanitarian Coalition while Amanda Weakley takes pictures of the Chihuahua Neighborhood Facility Center and the process for received asylum seekers.

Jill Krause, known for her online blog “Baby Rabies,” along with Laura Mayes co-founder of the Mom 2.0 Summit; Meredith Walker, Executive Director and co-creator of the organization Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls; and Amanda Weakley drove to the Chihuahua Neighborhood Facility Center Wednesday and volunteered their time with the Val Verde Border Humanitarian Coalition.

Their visit to the Chihuahua Neighborhood Center allowed the women to get a hands on look at how the immigrant crisis is being taken care of by the coalition.

The ladies helped unpack and organize packages sent to the coalition. The packages were donations from people across the country, thus they are not from one single entity.

Mayes also took the opportunity to help out with the clothes closet. Weakley took photos from within and outside the Chihuahua center to later share with the online public.

Coalition officers and volunteers received the women with open arms. Val Verde Border Humanitarian Coalition Officer and Secretary Tiffany Zook walked the ladies through the center and explained the entire process.

Krause stated she along with Walker, Mayes and Weakley knew they were going to get involved in some way with the immigration crisis.

“Originally we were going to protest, but we didn’t know what to do. Once we saw we could go somewhere and be of real service, it was never an issue of whether we would come,” Krause said.

Walker added she has been to the borders in Syria and Haiti and the closeness of the Chihuahua center made it easier for her to know more about the coalition’s situation.

“So many people want to help in any way they can, even more than donating. They don’t know who needs help and so finding out people can come and help here … it’s something doable,” Walker said.

Krause, Walker, Mayes and Weakley agreed this is not their only visit. They plan on coming back and hinted at possibly bringing more volunteers.

Walker stated there are women in Houston, Dallas and San Antonio wanting to help but do not know the current situation.

The donations the coalition has received lately are due to an online conversation Krause had with Val Verde Border Humanitarian Coalition Volunteer Lulu. The conversation led to Krause sharing information of the coalition’s needs and Amazon wish list to her online followers.

After that the coalition went viral and continues to receives donations.

“This is a marathon. We can’t inundate them (the coalition) with all this stuff and then not send them something in three months,” Krause said. She added a monthly donation is encouraged.

“They (coalition officers and volunteers) are here every day and they’re dealing with some really hard stuff,” Krause said.

Each lady stated in their own words the importance of helping out. The women want to support the coalition in any way they can and agree the coalition officers and volunteers are the unsung heroes.

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