If we say we have fellowship with God, but do not truly love Him in our actions and deeds, that fellowship is weak at best! Draw near unto God with a pure heart! If we love Him we will obey Him, and our fellowship with God will be sweet, as we continually seek Him and His will for our lives.

If we walk in darkness and say we have fellowship with him, we are liars, for what part does light have with the darkness. Walk in the light for He is the God of Light.

We all fall short of perfection for now, except for the righteousness of God we have by faith. However, when we draw nigh to God with a pure heart, desiring truly to be like Him now and forever, then He hears us and we can have closeness with the Lord.

We then do not find it grievous to consider our reasonable service, to serve the Lord with gladness, pursuing a life of holiness, being separated from the world.

When we do allow our flesh to sin, then we confess our sins before God, and He quickly restores that fellowship, when we do so with a pure heart. How many believers still come before God praying, yet have no desire to truly change?

The Apostle James said cleanse your hands, weep and mourn before the Lord. The Apostle Paul reminds us that true godly sorrow works repentance, from a pure heart. The pure in heart Jesus said, would see God.

We have great promises from God, but when we refuse Him, our prayers can go unanswered. It is not that we are now back under the law of commandments, to work our way unto God, but God knows all of our thoughts and intents of our hearts.

We can always approach Him with confidence when our hearts are pure. However, lip service is found to be worthless words, as one’s heart is unrepentant.

God desires that close fellowship with us all.

He was even willing to go to the cross and lay His own life down, that our fellowship with Him would be restored. We are tested always as to how much we truly desire that closeness with Him.

He is even willing to chastise us, that we draw near and back unto him when we stray, because He loves us.

It is such an awesome thing, that we are His people, even as much as we don’t deserve it.

However, He truly deserves us coming to Him humbly and contrite, truly desiring to change from a heart that is repentant.

Our lives of walking in the Spirit and not giving way to our flesh reaps great rewards. Our fellowship with our Lord and Savior, is a gift from God restored by the greatest of prices, by the blood of Jesus!

Larry Locker is an evangelist in Del Rio

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