We are blessed to celebrate our mother’s 100th Birthday. She was

born 28 Nov 1915 in Rositas, Coahuila, Mexico.

Esther married Ernesto Cárdenas in May 1937 and had 12 children

(10 daughters and two sons). Dad built their home at 500 San

Felipe Street, Del Rio, TX. The home consisted of a kitchen and a

bedroom made out of adobe which still is part of the home.

Mom is a strong Christian prayer warrior who always prayed for

family and friends. Her daughter, Aurora, recalls her Mom always

saying, “dejale las cosas a Dios” and “Dios es muy Grande”,

whenever she shared concerns with her Mom. She supported

various Christian charities and her favorite was the Lottie Moon

Ministries who supports Missionaries all over the world.

Our Mom has always been an industrious woman who also

handled the family finances and enjoyed cooking from scratch,

sewing, quilting, crocheting, embroidering and gardening. She

taught her children and grandchildren all of these skills. Mom

used a “molcajete” to grind fresh spices such as garlic, black

pepper, chiles, and tomatoes. Mom also made hand-made corn

and flour tortillas. The smell of fresh food is forever etched in our

minds. All staples were purchased in large quantities such as 100

lb sacks of potatoes, pinto beans, rice, flour, apples, and oranges.

Her oldest daughter, Mere (Maria Consuelo) recalls looking for

the prettiest cotton print on the flour sacks as Mom made our

bloomers out of the flour sacks.

In the early days, chickens were raised for fresh eggs and poultry. Also,

Mom made soap for laundry. Mom and Dad always made sure we

never lacked for anything. When the first three daughters were young,

Mom and Dad made a living on ranches where Dad trapped for furs

and Mom did the cooking while living in a tent. They returned home

after the trapping season. Mom has always been a hardworker with a

strong faith in God, always trusting in God to provide. Anyone that

came to the home hungry would get fed. Immigrants were aware

that stopping at our home meant they would be provided with

a meal and tacos for the road as they went on their way. Mom

has always helped anyone in need.

Our mother is loved by her 12 children, 29 grandchildren, 48

great grandchildren, and 8 great, great grandchildren. Her

100th Birthday was celebrated with a luncheon hosted

by all family members, music, and entertainment.

Decorations were antique cups and saucers decorated

with flowers, mainly purple flowers, her favorite color.

We thank God for blessing us

with our Mother. Mom’s

favorite Psalm is: Psalm-23

which starts with, “Dios

es mi Pastor y nada me faltara...”

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