My dad,

Bruno Jimenez, who is in heaven!

This letter brings memories,

Dad when I was...

4 Years old: My daddy knows alot!

6 Years old: My daddy is smarter than your dad!

8 Years old: In the older days when my dad grew up - things were sure different!

10 Years old: Oh well naturally, dad doesn’t know anything about that - he’s too old to remember his childhood.

13 Years old: Don’t pay attention to my dad, he is old fashioned!

16 Years old: Him? My Lord? He’s hopelessly out of date!

20 Years old: Dad knows a little bit, but then he should because he’s been around for so long,

25 Years old: Maybe we should ask dad what he thinks, after all he’s had a lot of experience,

27 Years old: I’m not doing a single thing until I talk to dad,

30 Years old: I wonder how dad would have handled it,

32 Years old: I’d give anything if dad were here now so I could talk - this over with him.

Too bad I didn’t appreciate how smart he was,

I could have learned alot more from him,

I sure do miss him.

Victor R. Jimenez Sr.

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