In one of his high school yearbooks, Sid Cauthorn is quoted as saying that playing football prepared him – “mentally and physically” – for life.

Today, Cauthorn, chief executive officer of The Bank & Trust and president of Westex-Bancorp, Inc., the company that owns The Bank & Trust, said he is still known as “the sports guy.”

Cauthorn played varsity football for the Del Rio High School Rams in 1977-78, 1978-79 and 1979-80. His positions included quarterback, cornerback and outside linebacker.

Cauthorn said he has many happy memories from his Ram days, and most of them don’t involve big games or miracle plays.

“I coach a seven-on-seven team, and I’ve tried to teach the kids the same kind of fellowship and camaraderie that I had. One of my best memories is sitting in the locker room with Coach Claude Fest was giving a chalk talk, and Raymond Rose put Icy Hot in Keith Lamb’s jock strap and when he put it on, he started jumping around like crazy. It was hilarious, and that’s the kind of stuff I remember: the locker room. the bus rides, the pre-game, the hailstones falling down on our helmets and practice being canceled,” Cauthorn recalled with a chuckle.

The lessons he learned on the field, though, have lasted a lifetime.

Cauthorn said, “I’m known at bank as being ‘the sports guy.’ We support everything – the robotics team, the mariachis team, but I’m a sports guy, and the reason I love sports and love to support our teams is because I believe sports help young men and women become better people, to compete and strive for something. You learn that not everything is going to be given to you. In sports, you learn to keep grinding and work hard for what you want. I believe that’s what entrepreneurship and freedom really means, and that manifests itself in sports more so than in any other segment of our society.”

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